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Origin of viruses

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Ever wonder why most of the new viruses seem to come from China. You had SARS coronavirus outbreak of 2003 to the Novel Coronavirus of 2019 or covid 19 for short.

Here are two videos to get you thinking why do we buy things from China when this is happing there.




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Jamer the worst of all is "pagpag" in the Philippines if you youtube this the top link is BBC news but this is caused by poverty

So not the same as what's happening in china.


In china it's about saving a few quid and making bigger profits it's all greed and selfishness over there

what's going on all over the world at the moment was so preventable but greedy and selfish people got in the way of this.

The lockdown at the moment imagine if this lockdown happend in february and was over before march we will be on top of this by now

but if we did the greedy and selfish people would of moaned about it and ignored it because in there eyes not enough people are infected
to justify this cost to them "basically missing the point entirely"

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