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I had a disabled parking bay installed by the council a week  ago,just had a £120 fixed penalty ticket for parking in a disabled bay.Normally leave badge on dashboard but it had slid off

Now got to go through shit of having to apeal it.

Well peed off.

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i forgot to reset my time on on my badge and got a £60 ticket, parked at 10am in morning and badge set at 2 .

They tried to say my car was parked from 2am  and only allowed 3 hours, i appealed it and pointed out that it was a mistake and 

if the warden would have looked at where i was parked it was only open from 8am so impossible to park at 2am.

They let me off with a warning.


who remembers the stupid mobile cameras, i got loads of tickets as they always took a pictures of the rear of the car and failed to look at the front where my badge was displayed.

After complaining I managed to get my car reg plate white listed in there database so i didn't get any more tickets sent out.  

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