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  1. sorry to hear that Dave, all the best on a speedy recovery. take it easy m8
  2. Gazza

    JamersPad For Sale

    I would put it down to poor internet access, so ignore it
  3. Hi No problem its there if you need it, enjoy your holidays cheers Gaz
  4. Gazza

    JamersPad For Sale

    see my post here, could not access when in Croatia for some reason, seems a shame to loose years of content
  5. posted this in the welcome to Jamers topic but may be you didn't see it You would not need donations, as I can host for free, certificate is free by LetsEncript, and IPB licence you don't have to upgrade if you don't want to. So no costs, still owned and managed by your self with hosting panel. Anyway the others there if you want it. If you don't then no problem. Read about Jamerspad after grabbing my old emails when trying to loggin to old site. Wish I had seen it sooner. In Croatia at moment but if you still want to continue the old forum as seams a shame to let it die after all these years. I have a dedicated server that you are more than welcome to have free hosting on. Can even install it all for you if you don't want the hassle of it all and then continue to manage it your self. Let me know. Gazza Read more: http://jamerspad.freeforums.net/thread/22/new-forum-admin-limited?page=1#ixzz61agblvJq
  6. Well hello all, found my way back here 😁 nice to see some of the old faces still about.
  7. Gazza

    Happy Christmas

    Still plodding on, pop in to all my favourite haunts.
  8. Gazza

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year to you all.
  9. Gazza

    TV Licence

    its just a safe guard, just in case........... its a bit like the old black and white licence that someone has commented about, I ran that for 10 years and never had a knock at the door but there's always the chance they might. i think i am right in saying they can detect if your using a receiver but they cannot detect if your watching it through the net they don't have that access. in my case i pay the licence as i have a massive motorised satellite dish that i go all over the world with, cable box and a wife who loves the soaps so no chance in getting rid of the licence
  10. Gazza

    RIP Milky

    just been catching up and must have missed this, I remember him well, how sad R.I.P Milky
  11. Gazza

    TV Licence

    few things to note: You don't need a licence for pc or tv as long as you don't watch live tv and only watch catchup If the inspector comes into your home and you let them in and they see that the tv is plugged in with the aerial or a top box etc., you'd have a hard time convincing them you didn't use it to watch tv but if there's no aerial and no top box then etc they have to prove you are using it for live tv, As for the iplayer you don't need a license not yet anyway but they are trying to change the law. You do need a license to watch on iplayer IF its being broadcast on tv at the same time but not if you watch it afterwards. here's an article with the bbc admitting you don't need a licence. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2545000/Make-iPlayer-viewers-pay-licence-fee-BBC-call-reforms-deal-500-000-homes-watch-programmes-online.html These articles are a bit clearer http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2304280/BBC-silence-licence-loophole-Corporation-refuses-say-households-need-catch-online.html http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/tv-licence
  12. blast from the past, how you doing
  13. Gazza

    Merry Christmas

    merry xmas and have a great new year
  14. theres a auto message mod that can be installed which can do this for these forums, would save manually messaging new members. as a member joins or makes his or her first post they receive a welcome greeting. just a thought ;)
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