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  1. Yep still look in from time to time. Website is bookmarked under favorites. Well done Jamer its all looking good.
  2. Happy new year to all - hoping for a better 2017
  3. Stunning quality - these drones are going to get cheaper and better in the next few years but this footage is amazing
  4. Ahh not on here much. Would also help but in middle of buying house so no more contracts until done. My old man wants a phone (me to get contract) and I have not told him about house yet but just tell him I am on to it. Hope you get it sorted mate (billy). Derren
  5. I watched it too and he is a very interersting chap. You could see he was quite nervous delivering his speech but I like that humbleness. If there was a way to off the money grabbing utility companies I am in for that.
  6. Guys, my old man needs a new phone. He has £40 he wishes to spend. So with phone prices and models that say two years ago were £300 you can get various for this price 2nd hand. So what models are recommended. Nothing to high tech as he asks me to give him over 100 lessons on just texting but he would like it to have a nice camera, as big screen as possible etc. Cheers
  7. Happy New Year folks. 2014 was not to bad I don't think - it was nothing special but better than 2013 which was horrible. What about you lot - 2014 good bad?
  8. I remember this discussion last year. So guess you enjoyed it. We were looking at Fuertaventura but could not get anywhere so ended up in Crete. Loved Crete and fully recommend. Derren
  9. Hi Spidey. Hope all good in your neck of the woods.
  10. I still remember when it happened. I might have said this before but sky was in its infancy but broadcast on astra or something and there was other channels such as german channels. I turned it over after the accident to a german channel as you could see live events and you could see him being taken out the car. It was quite obvious then he was gone. We should also not forget Roland Ratzenberger who is sometimes forgotten at this time.
  11. Used to be up to date on camera but not any more but have heard a good few things on this canon range.
  12. Beebo, not sure what is wrong with you lately but if you are unable to make constructive and useful comments then fairwell to you if you are off. Its been nice knowing you over the years so goodbye. Also I did not appreciate the private message sent to me swearing at me calling me not a very nice name. Derren
  13. Its very strange indeed. My belief was he was hijacked possibly by pilot and for some reason it has crashed; possibly by action to reclaim the plane that has gone wrong. I say this because I would believe the plane could be found very quickly if it landed someone. Of course there are only a number a landing places and this place would have to authorise it. Its not like you can land it without the airport knowing. So its gone down somewhere after a highjacking. I did through, just get daughter to clean her bedroom and I asked her to check if its was in there as her bedroom was so messy but she did not find it.
  14. Thank you
  15. Good post mate and some very famous names there.