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  1. The Fonz

    Happy new years!

    Happy new year folks :)
  2. The Fonz

    JamersPad 20th Birthday

    20 years! Wow, where has that time gone? Well done Jamer you have run an excellent site, I hope to be able to spend more time now here now that I have changed jobs, I have a little less stress and a bit more time to do more of what I want to do :)
  3. The Fonz

    Fire Extinguisher... What class

    Have a look at this, you may find it useful: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/a-guide-to-fire-extinguishers-that-could-save-your-home-and-your-life-8096157.html
  4. The Fonz

    Happy Christmas

    Merry Christmas folks :)
  5. The Fonz

    Best 3-4 TB Nas Drive?

    Thats great thanks buddy for all the info much appreciated.
  6. The Fonz

    Best 3-4 TB Nas Drive?

    Thanks Cobra, I have not purchased one yet, still looking but i will review your recommendations for sure. I could just buy a WD 3TB network drive because I had one before and it was really good.
  7. The Fonz

    Best 3-4 TB Nas Drive?

    I am looking for a good 3-4 TB external network hard drive or Nas, any good recommendations?
  8. The Fonz

    Greetings long wayward names of yesteryear

    Hello stranger!!! How are you? Good to see you back
  9. The Fonz

    The Pad went offline

    Good to be back, that was a first.
  10. The Fonz

    Listen just for a minute please

    Absolutely brilliant to be fair.
  11. The Fonz

    A simple "Sit & Rise" test to predict your death

    ha ha I will try it
  12. The Fonz

    I am sooooooooooooo bored!

    Good for you Sakura.
  13. The Fonz

    hi everyone

    Nice to see you online Sakura, hope your good
  14. The Fonz

    Clarkson's replacement is

    Programme will not be the same, wait until the old crew regenerate on another channel thats when Top Gear BBC will finish.
  15. The Fonz

    Final nail in Gazza's coffin

    A shame but I feel he has had enough chances, he annoys me now unfortunately.