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  1. djweeble

    Fire Extinguisher... What class

    You should get it checked regularly if you can, and they can usually be refilled if required, the only lifed item really is the cylinder. Most of the ones we use are lifed at ten years, you will normally find an expiry date for it stamped into the cylinder itself.
  2. djweeble

    Fire Extinguisher... What class

    Best all round extinguisher, if you can get hold of one, is a CO2, it puts the fire out with no damage to other surrounding items. A dry powder extinguisher puts out the fire just as effectively, but it causes hugely excessive mess ,and terminal damage to any electrical items that even the smallest trace of the powder gets into, and it gets everywhere, including adjacent rooms with closed doors, it eats electrical conductors, slowly but surely.
  3. djweeble

    Anyone ever claimed back PPI?

    Good advice Rother. You could also take a look at the consumer action group forums, there's stacks of information there.
  4. djweeble


    28 to 30 minutes per battery on the DJI Phantom 4
  5. djweeble


    A piece of cake to fly. As long as you take it slowly the first few times you fly it, you'll get quite confident really quickly
  6. djweeble


    By the way, that upload is only 1080p, Yootoob wouldn't let me upload 4K for some reason :-P
  7. djweeble


    This is the only one I've uploaded, I've actually sold it now as I'm moving to Saudi Arabia in 2 weeks, and they are not legal there
  8. djweeble

    Independence Day

    Maybe it's time a few people got together and started their own petition..... "The people of the United Kingdom have spoken in the EU Referendum, Parliament must NOT allow a second referendum, and article 50 should be invoked immediately. Any MP voting or campaigning against the wishes of the majority should be stripped of their Parliamentary position" You need 5 email addresses of supporters to start it, I'd do it myself, but I'm outside the UK, and if it did take off, then that wouldn't look good.
  9. Sounds to good to be true doesn't it, but it's not I had a dodgy version of 7 running on both my laptop and my desktop, and I wanted to upgrade both to 10. Both systems showed they were ready to upgrade, but neither would pass the upgrade test, but then a search for information came up with this little gem..... https://softwaregeeks.co.uk/product/windows-7-professional-product-key-label-coa/ Feeling a bit dubious, I bought one to start with, then tried the upgrade..... HOLY COW ! it worked first time with no problems So I bought another, and decided to try a fresh full install of 10 using the 7 key, WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!!! I now have two computers running LEGITIMATE licensed copies of Windows 10, for only 40 quid
  10. djweeble

    Push bike riders

    Before you do this, check the rules. I'm sure I read somewhere that a flashing red light on a motorised vehicle is illegal.
  11. djweeble

    Just who are they.......

    t's all over the news, but you can't read it in the UK........ Celeb couple shagging around, threesomes etc...... Super injunction to prevent the newspapers revealing names...... Well.......... As I'm outside of the UK, I can say up yours to the British Courts...... YMA is Tess Daly and PJS her husband Vernon Kay
  12. djweeble


    Anyone else lashed out a wad on one of these ? I just bought the latest DJi Phantom 4, €1599 I've been toying with the idea of buying one for a while now, but was finally convinced after seeing a friend flying his older one, and decided to take the plunge. This thing has dual Inertial Navigation Systems, GPS and GLONASS (the Russian version of GPS), Collision Avoidance, and a whole host of other shit I haven't even started to discover yet, but one thing really sets it apart from some of the cheaper crap you hear about, and see reports of in the papers when they fly too close to airports etc...... there's a regularly updated list of worldwide No Fly and Restricted Fly zones on the website, and this stops you becoming one of the idiots, as the drone will turn away and come home from a restricted area, unless you have registered a flight plan up to 3 days before, it will also refuse to take off within a No Fly zone, and will even land and shut off it's motors automatically without you having a chance to overide it, if you should stray into a No Fly zone at any time. I tested this, as the bottom of my street actually falls just within the Restricted Zone for Bremen Airport (1 mile from the centre of the main runway), I flew towards it at 500 ft (NOT ON THE FLIGHTPATH, at 90 degrees to it), just as I got close, I received a warning on the tablet screen that I was about to enter a restricted area, I kept going, the drone then took control automatically, descended to 120ft avoiding trees and houses, and flew out of the area, another warning then came up on the screen that I had to register a flight plan 3 days before I could proceed. My only option was to come away from the zone, or to land, I had no other control available to me. I'm really enjoying this thing, not to mention the quality of the video..... 4K..... it's awesome
  13. djweeble

    I need this QUICKLY

    Grabbing it from Sir Zee at the moment, and I'll grab it from one of your links when I get home in a few days All1, the speed is crap here in Ze Fazzerland ! Thanks guys
  14. djweeble

    Family in the movies.....

    They've made a movie about my family history......... Suffragettes :-) Emmeline Pankhurst was my Great, Great, Grandmother :-)
  15. djweeble

    I need this QUICKLY

    Yes it is mister :-) And I intend to get hold of it ASAP :-)