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  1. Done it Thanks for the heads up
  2. jab4ears

    Abu Hamza

    Its not all bad news for Abu Hamza ... He won 184 teddies on the teddy grabber in Heathrow Departure lounge.
  3. Yes I agree, very emotional :Thumbs_Up1: :Smiler:
  4. Same here i used to love going to see Norman Wisdom with my dad at the pictures haha So sad :Cry:
  5. I'm just suprised he lasted as long as he did
  6. jab4ears

    Back now!

    Which one did you stay at J? Cluc Sciroco or Sands Beach
  7. jab4ears

    Back now!

    We stayed at a place called Club Sciroco opposite a hotel called Sands Beach Resort We had a couple of trips to Tmanfaya and to the yellow submarine but most of the time we just chilled Very enjoyable i would go again
  8. jab4ears

    Back now!

    Was there in April for 10 days that turned into 15 with help from the dust cloud, stayed at Costa Teguise, lovely little island :Thumbs_Up1: i could live there.
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