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Greets Everyone

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it is a pleasure to be a part of your forum. i look foward to a long trip here, with lots to share.


in advance - thanks to all staff, admin and mods for what you do - i am also doing same elsewhere.

i read the rules as well. simple enough.


you will find me filling requests if i have it, and posting club music and DJ software and plugins.

if i can ever be of help to any of you, post your requests in the requests forum.


I am a Pro DJ. play on the local level in southeast USA playing rave, techno, and trance clubs,

and share my mixes on a global level. you may have heard of me from the 80s / 90s.

I also still create digital mixes for the masses - so the rest of the world can bounce as well.

the quality is normally Mp3 @ 320 @ 44.1 @ Stereo, unless wav/ogg are requested.


If any of the links in my share posts go dead, drop me a pm and i will re-up


speaking of my shares - most are my purchase, rip, code, and upload

i am very specific about where i post my shares only on trusted forums

leechers go away - please do not post my shares on other forums - thank you



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Hello & welcome to Jamerspad. :Thumbs_Up1:


We are a friendly bunch on here & aim to help anyone if they should need it no matter what the problem or request.


Looking forward to seeing some posts from you in the near future.



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Welcome to the pad. We have another DJ around here so I am sure you will be able to help each other.



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