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  1. I think you can only leave a comment on Instagram
  2. I agree bud, problem is nobody will complain about this because it will upset the PC brigade...
  3. Our country is buggered mate, this is a complete joke, what about all the other people that have been murdered
  4. You are correct you can just buy a domain and often some hosts will give you some space and email facilities. The good thing about having your own domain is that you get to choose want you want to a degree. Have your tried GMX?
  5. Please make sure to follow us on Facebook here
  6. Hi guys, The website was offline for most of the day yesterday dues to our host changing some file paths however, all has now been resolved thankfully. Can you all please LIKE us on our Facebook Page Here which will continue to use more often especially if this site os offline for any reason. Cheers Jamer
  7. Happy New Year to all at JamersPad
  8. So will you get your money back bud or have you just lost out altogether ?
  9. Upgraded to the latest forum software and on a new server running PHP 7 so things can only get better as they say :)
  10. Hi guys, I have made a request to my hosts to move JamersPad to a new cluster which supports PHP 7. They have advised that we may experience downtime of up to 48 hours. Work will begin later today. You can still contact us on Facebook etc
  11. I am with BT and I think we only have fibre to the cabinet, however, that is only in the next street.
  12. Is this a new build mate or your existing pad?
  13. Good to see you all still here guys :)
  14. I originally set up JamersPad back in 1997, during this time we have seen many changes to the forum, I have tried to keep up with the latest software and I think we have managed it all okay. Where has this 20 years gone? Thank you to all our members who have remained loyal. We have seen many website come and go and we are still here. We are a little quieter these days but we still have many members, keep them topics coming! Happy birthday JamersPad Thank you Jamer
  15. Invision are the creators of the scripting but there is a bit more to it than that :)
  16. It depends on your setup, do you have just a turntable? What outputs?
  17. I use reg 123 and just pay every 2-3 years, it is quite cheap. I 99% certain that you cannot actually buy a domain outright, you lease it (rent) See this Australian article:
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