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    I will be first in the queue for my vaccine, already lost one friend to Coronavirus and I currently have another in hospital on a ventilator this is serious, never understand why anyone would not want a vaccine to be honest.
  2. Jamer


    Good news Dave
  3. Merry Christmas from Poland!
  4. ha ha cheeky! This was 1999-2000
  5. Barbara came to my carpet shop in Ledbury years ago for an hour on a promotion, she had a cuppa and a long natter. We also supplied her carpets in her home and pub, she was really lovely, sad news. RIP and 'Carry On' Babs x
  6. First video link is dead?
  7. Jamer

    Forum Upgrade

    We always look forward to updates 🙂
  8. Jamer

    Forum Upgrade

    I have this evening upgraded to the latest version 4.5.4, you may see a few additional features..
  9. I only use a Mac these days and I actually find MS Office really good for the Mac. I have not used a Windows PC for years, I would probably be a bit lost now.
  10. Jamer

    Forum Upgrade

    I have started the forum upgrade process, so you may see some odd colouring etc in the themes but we should be all good within a few days.
  11. We watch Polish news now
  12. Absolutely gutted to hear this news, I really thought he was coming to terms with things. Great guy and he will be sadly missed RIP Morgan, one of our original members!
  13. Jamer


    Bod, now there's a name from the past! It would be great to have him back here
  14. Happy belated birthday!
  15. I have a NAS connected via power line, I also have poor connections, constantly drops in and out
  16. A lot of these come with camera's built in, I have been looking at trying a cheap one of these myself
  17. What about something like this: Stainless steel cable ties, check them out here
  18. ha ha can you imagine 🤪
  19. We were only in New York in September and yes it is just steam
  20. I would personally like to say a massive THANK YOU to Gazza!! Not only has Gazza provided JamersPad with hosting he has even done all the hard work for me, like backing up the database then transferring everything across to his server. I am more than grateful. During this process we have had no disruption to our forums at all. I have also now made Gazza admin along with myself as this makes sense. Once again Thanks Gazza you are a top man!! JamersPad continues with his generous help and hosting!
  21. My mrs uses Skype everyday to speak with her parents in Poland. I use FaceTime or Zoom but there is also WhatsApp as Cobra has suggested above
  22. Yes I read that somewhere too
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