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  1. great to hear that you survived your own brain A1W. I only stopped by to see which one of you goes first as i've got you on the deadpool ? Hope things getting better though ?
  2. Cant complain (well i can but i wont) A1W. How are you?
  3. .tk domains are free. http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en
  4. Happy 22nd Birthday. @Sir Zorro make the meetup in Scotland and I'm in. Also make sure Sak attends ?
  5. That looks amazing. Good luck DJ.
  6. Pah, I remember when he had a real post count
  7. I'm only back to beat A1W's post count.
  8. TGuv


    If they were not rich enough to afford it I would wish them all devastating and expensive illness :(
  9. Possibly three different ways too!
  10. His name's Bernie, I didnt have the heart to bury him so I had him stuffed and mounted and take him everywhere I go.
  11. You might be right Sparks, I have often wondered how the unemployed can afford clothing that I cant even save up for, let alone the likes of iPhones etc! Fortunately as Chief Bush Inspector at HRM's Inspectorate of Bushes I get a lot of enjoyment from my work being lucky enough to turn my hobby into work ;)
  12. When did we start expecting so much at xmas? Cheese is still a gift that a child should be grateful for. When I were a lad I got cheese one year and it near brought tear to me eye. My little ones will each receive a couple of babybels in their stockings this year.
  13. there should have been a 'pays enough to feed, clothe and keep the family' option. I am lucky enough to have been able to be employed since I was 16 and don't know any differently. I would hope that should circumstances be less favourable there would still be a communal benefits system to aid me in times of need. Compared to the majority, I do not earn a great deal of money although it is enough to pay for the bills and I dont really care for much else. I have dragged my sorry suit-wearing carcass into work for many a year and I am grateful that I can but I do think that businesses should change their work models. I sit in-front of a screen most days, does it care how im dressed? Does it care where I am sat? Luckily my current boss shares my views that I can do my job in my boxers at home :) @A1W, have you ever contacted Penthouse to see if they have need of editorial staff? :D
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