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  1. great to hear that you survived your own brain A1W. I only stopped by to see which one of you goes first as i've got you on the deadpool ? Hope things getting better though ?
  2. Cant complain (well i can but i wont) A1W. How are you?
  3. .tk domains are free. http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en
  4. Happy 22nd Birthday. @Sir Zorro make the meetup in Scotland and I'm in. Also make sure Sak attends ?
  5. That looks amazing. Good luck DJ.
  6. Pah, I remember when he had a real post count
  7. I'm only back to beat A1W's post count.
  8. TGuv


    If they were not rich enough to afford it I would wish them all devastating and expensive illness :(
  9. Possibly three different ways too!
  10. His name's Bernie, I didnt have the heart to bury him so I had him stuffed and mounted and take him everywhere I go.
  11. You might be right Sparks, I have often wondered how the unemployed can afford clothing that I cant even save up for, let alone the likes of iPhones etc! Fortunately as Chief Bush Inspector at HRM's Inspectorate of Bushes I get a lot of enjoyment from my work being lucky enough to turn my hobby into work ;)
  12. When did we start expecting so much at xmas? Cheese is still a gift that a child should be grateful for. When I were a lad I got cheese one year and it near brought tear to me eye. My little ones will each receive a couple of babybels in their stockings this year.
  13. there should have been a 'pays enough to feed, clothe and keep the family' option. I am lucky enough to have been able to be employed since I was 16 and don't know any differently. I would hope that should circumstances be less favourable there would still be a communal benefits system to aid me in times of need. Compared to the majority, I do not earn a great deal of money although it is enough to pay for the bills and I dont really care for much else. I have dragged my sorry suit-wearing carcass into work for many a year and I am grateful that I can but I do think that businesses should change their work models. I sit in-front of a screen most days, does it care how im dressed? Does it care where I am sat? Luckily my current boss shares my views that I can do my job in my boxers at home :) @A1W, have you ever contacted Penthouse to see if they have need of editorial staff? :D
  14. Sorry, A1W your way too much man for me!
  15. I missed the love :) I take offence to this libellous remark, it took you nearly 44 minutes to bang out a PM. :sniff: :Cry: I nearly died of loneliness :p PS. my lawyer will be in touch regarding the deformation of character.
  16. After reading a few posts I have decided to start touring the country giving out hugs, think Ill have to start with sparks, biscuit and A1W. :HUG:
  17. I love Halloween, I don't know why we are trying to copy the states, kids have always come round with a 'joke' or song and left with fruit & sweets. Its activities like this that build communities. The Celts in the UK have been dressing up to fool spirits since the days of Samhain when America didnt even exist.
  18. There's the first cuts to public sector jobs. This should not be tolerated, the police provide a public service and the moment they forget this they should be removed from duty. It is not an easy job but repeatedly punching someone in the head is not restraint tactics.
  19. Its a great idea but the efficiency is lacking. I've been here 10 minutes now and not a single pm :Cry: :p
  20. Did I miss anything?

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