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  1. Yeah, each to their own. My views on golf are similar to Mark Twain's. I used to love Speedway and Footie. Not sure I'd pay £70 for either though !
  2. As expected right wing turds like Coe, Jeremy (Mr Corrupt) Hunt and the rest of the them are making colossal ballsups and making excuses for their friends who have their snouts in the trough. Even now, Coe is making excuses for the corporate types who are got the seats and haven't bothered their collective ars*s to actually GO while others are misasing out. He is refusing to name them - this tossers excuse is "They'll turn up for the later stages" WHOOPIE ! Thats that sorted then. As for the much praised before they did a bloody thing athletes....they are coming up badly short so far.
  3. Probably not. But I haven't got the strong mile wide streak of decency that the mother who shopped her tosspot daughter into the cops has.
  4. If this is true, it's disgraceful The west should not get involved in what is a Libyan civil war. This is even more blatantly for OIL than the Iraq business was.
  5. Phil

    Protest March...

    Never been a fan of smashing other people stuff up and calling it "demonstrating" That said, we have been p****d on enough by British governments over the years, while the French Spanish etc riot their way to getting everything they want My views are - you've allowed the bankers, who are the main cause of all this meltdown to get away with it, in fact they're STILL lining their pockets for failure, and you expect us to pay for it. Well, until they attack the bankers in the same way they're attacking US, my vote is with the rioters. :Hmm:
  6. Phil

    Libya !

    Ridiculous, isn't it ? Remember how the US had the urine extracted from them for going into Vietnam to save the Vietnamese from the Vietnamese invasion of Vietnam ? This is the same. Helping Libyans by attacking Libyans. Oh me sodding head. Wonder if theres any oil in Libya by any chance ? :Tongue:
  7. Lost for words, mate. Lost for words. Ive always despised the bitch and think she's a vote loser if ever there was. She is controlled by the wimmin I rage against. Nor is she very bright. She's been ripped to shreds when she's stood in for the Labour leader. A man hater she certainly is, extremely sexist. But I'd say that was just following orders - like a Nazi camp guard.
  8. Feel very sorry for the lineswoman. The poor lass has done absolutely nothing wrong in any way far as Im aware - yet she'll be remembered for this only. Always thought this whole women refereeing male games ridiculous. Seperate changing rooms toilets etc. Just to appease a bunch of tub thumping wimmin who probably haven't a clue about the game. The women who ARE refs and linesmen (NOT assistant refs as far as Im concerned) DO know the game. But why not women for womens games and men for mens ? Saves a lot of unnecessary "dramas" like this. Like Keys and Grey or loathe them (I edge towards loathe) this is a mountain out of a molehill. Apologies - GROVELLING ones - should have been enough. I have a feeling there is another reason behind their dismissal.
  9. Inside a minute. He should've spent less time dancing, and more time fighting !
  10. Phil


    Really ? Have a guess how long they've been doing Censuses. A clue - it's a LATIN word. Theres a reason for such. And it's done for precisely the reasons you dismiss. Of course it's to spy on you. ALL governments (and Councils) do But I don't really care. Ive nothing to hide. Maybe thats why I and my family have to pay for everything, whereas others pay for nothing, eh ? :Tongue:
  11. Always use GMail, but not as web mail. Ditto live.co.uk Actually don't even bother with my isp's email address now and haven't for years.
  12. Phil


    The Census ? Wonder if they'll dare tell us how many non-working third world immigrants we have to thank Labour for ? There'll be no jokey "Jedi" in the religion spot this time. Bet the PC brigade deem the question "islamaphobic" or "racist" eh ? And "working ?" too I should imagine
  13. And the students are being restricted in what way ? Much as I agree about tutoring fees increase etc being unforgivable (and guess who doesn't have to pay) - it's hardly bloody like with like.
  14. For once, I agree (to an extent) after all, the French riot for increasing pensions to 62, and the British just keep increasing - now 66 FGS! Where next ? You don't retire until 120 ? (but this won't apply to those MAKING the rules, remember) Nope, I just can't find it in my heart to condemn. These are the people who won't make the bankers - the ones who CAUSED the mess - pay, in fact they (LABOUR too, remember) make US pay for their cock-ups and turn a blind eye to them STILL giving themselves obscene bonuses. So yeah. Kick a few windows out for me too - I'll toast you tonight.
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