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  1. Hi A1. How are you. You are sorely missed here. Derren
  2. yep a few old names coming back. Missing Tat and Cujo
  3. Hello Highfielder and welcome back CT.
  4. Hi Beebo - welcome back. yes sparks was taken by some government agents before the olympics and they signed into his Jamers account to say he was off so as to cover their tracks. Derren
  5. derren

    Hi hi

    Hello darling. Been long time. Hope all ok with you. Derren
  6. A fantasic achievemed. He walked on the moon before I was born but its a name that everyone recognises. RIP Neil Armstrong.
  7. Hi Spidey. We know you been busy making that film mate. Der
  8. Hey welcome biscuit. One of the originals so welcome back. You need to grace the phototgraphy section with some of your pics. Der
  9. derren

    Site emails

    Ha I sent Jamer an email about this before I saw your post. I assumed through it was just me as I got the sparks email mutiple times. D
  10. Changing the subject ever so slightly, I used to have bbc as my homepage. It was the best site on the web bar Jamers :-) But what a crock of shite it is now. I hardly visit the bbc during the day let alone home page now. Derren
  11. derren


    Hell A1 I have only just seen this and i am shocked. I actually did notice you had not been around for a week and I noticed this because you are one of the most respected posters to this board. If I ever had a problem you would be one of the first to help and answer it. I am not sure of the reasons as have not really followed the other threads but I hope you come back here and carry on as you will be sorely missed. If not I wish you all the best. Derren ps I did not know you name was Clive - I thought it was A1 :-)
  12. Happy late belated birthday both. Hope you had a good day. Derren
  13. Happy birthday chaps - have a good one.
  14. Something coming your way very soon mate
  15. Happy birthday to you sir, hope you have a good day. Derren
  16. Yes mate the Amari Don Muang. I have been in the pool each day but have just moved on now to Ayyuatua (sp). The hotel you remember, has really just about had it with the airport move. It a sad place hanging on to its heyday and a shame really. I was upgraded to the exec room and had only paid £24 a night so happy about that, but without this move to this excellent huge room, I would have been disappointed. Can't blame the hotel to much as its a huge place where customers probably dropped 90% overnight with new airport opening and there is nothing they could do about that. Nice staff, lovely building and cooridoors and all that but just a shame. On the first night there was just me. I went to the nice Henry's bar alone and ate and really felt like in the Shining. Then the second worst thing happened - the chinese arrived on masse (the worst would be russians). They seem to be in transit so only here a few hours then back to my own then another batch. Did meet a lovely dutch girl and a brllliant American who was just so interesting - he had come over and brought a chopper engine with him as he was building a bike. But last night something interesting happened. Beauty's. Lots of them. All over the place. Wall to wall girls in lovely dresses, dark hair and model looks. Typical my wife arrived back from the village last night. Why or why were they not here the night before????? Derren
  17. Well if your on holiday in Thailand :In-love: Well first holiday in two years and had to bloody work hard to get here. So with the wife and her daughter. So far to bloody hot for me and even for the wife. I am staying at a hotel next to the old airport. This is used very little now after the recent floods. So i did a little urban exploring yesterday walking around the old airport, down cooridoors and up and down lifts with no one about. Things falling apart, big holes in the floor and many ceiling tiles falling down. I was thinking zombie movie as I walked around with no one else there. Off to Ayyathaua tomorrow then to a island called Koh Chang. Derren
  18. To the Reaper. Hope you have a good day Phil. Derren
  19. HI and welcome to the pad. Were a friendly bunch - even the football fans who might give you a bit of rib - lucky we got no forest fans :-)
  20. derren

    Old names...

    I remember a lot of those. Upset you forgot Dodger :Winky: Der
  21. Many thanks A1, that is fab. I just downloaded and it has worked fine. I have given my mate the link so he can download direct so if you can leave it up for a week if thats possible then that would be appreciated. Derren
  22. Here is the link A1 http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p00pjcmm/Andrew_Easton_Debate_over_gay_people_being_allowed_to_marry_in_church_continues/ Nothing to do with the headline regarding gay marriage :In-love: If you can record from 1hr 13mins to 1hr 19mins. Many thanks and what ever format would be fine. Derren
  23. Cheers A1. I have the stream but want to check what time it's on the show first so I will listen and then post the link. It's an interview of one of my best mates on the radio yesterday so don't particularly need high bit rate. Ta
  24. I need a favour which is in fact for a friend. He is being interviewed on our local radio station and I guess that the links expire after a week (well not sure). If I post the link to the radio program and the time I need recorded which is about 5 mins in length, can anyone do it and save it so it can be replayed? Cheers Derren
  25. derren

    hello everyone

    Excellent. I have never been to china but always wanted to go. Fancied doing some sort of business there myself but the film with Richard Gere - Red Corner put me off. Where abouts are you. Shanghai looks fab and i will defo visit one day. Derren
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