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2nd broadband line deals?


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I don't know any ISP that will do two broadband lines into the one house and BT will charge an arm and a leg for a 2nd line.


The are some Business ISP provides that will do two or more lines but this will cost a lot too.


I have a mate that does the BT & cable broadband this is the best way for the home I think.


The cable broadband is by the TV and is used for Gaming and Streaming media (has no wireless)


And the adsl line has wireless and is used by the Desktop and laptop for Downloading and browsing.

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Jamer when I ask BT about this I got told it will cost me £150 as work outside and inside my home will have to be done (This is for a true 2nd line run into my home)


The is a thing BT can do thats a line splitter (two numbers and two sockets BT call this a 2nd line and this is about £20-£25)

BUT this will not give you better broadband you will not get a 2nd broadband on this type of set-up as the will be a MAC tag on the 2nd line from the 1st ISP.

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