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England value bet

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At the time of writing, you can get 2/1 for England to Beat France a week on Monday

(with paddypower.com)

I think that is exceptional value.

Even without a few regular players - the replacements are good up and coming England stars

(To be honest, I think Lampard is past his sell-by date and I have never rated Barry as an England midfielder)


I have put £50 on a straight England win and I fully expect my 50 quid back and another £100 as the bonus.


Have some faith and grab the value, you don't often get 2/1 for England.

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The thing is, if England win - you will not get 2/1 again in the tournament.


At the moment everyone thinks they have no chance including the bookies.

I would expect the odds to shorten as the first match gets nearer as plenty faithful fans will place their money on England

So I imagine 2/1 will not last long.

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Ahh nuts - the intuition was right and the bookies had underestimated Englands chances but the bloody frogs scored a goal.


For 10 minutes the loot was mine.


Oh well, I will still keep my eyes skinned for the next value bet.


Ireland are 12/1 to win tonight. You very rarely get 12/1 on one football match

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Well, England are 5/4 to win against the Swedes tonight - so the bookies still think England won't win

(otherwise they would be 1/2 against.) But 5/4 is not worth risking decent money even though I think they will win 2 - 0

By the odds they are giving - they think it will be a draw.


You can get 12/1 Gerrrad to score first - which by the way he played the first match are good odds

or 4/1 for him to score anytime in the match.


I think I shall have a little punt on him to score first and a smaller punt for him to score anytime - to cover my bets

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