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New Xbox Reveal - CNet live stream

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I've read some bad things about the next gen consoles It's all speculating but it's based on patents that Sony and Microsoft

have and if it is used it will be bad no second hand games for a start


The 1st thing I read from some when I type this is I Don't buy my games second hand so this will NOT get in my way.

then I ask what they do when the no longer play that game anymore some say swap or give to a mate some say put it

on e-bay / sell it and this is the big joke they know second hand games will not work yet they think they can still sell them

used. No second hand games will be the same as no second hand market for games no swapping no lending

If a mate trys to load his copy of a game on your console a lot of things can happen his gametag can be linked to his disc

making your console become his for as long as the disc is in even offline as it will be on a chip on the disc.

Or the game will not load up at all or load a demo of the game and you will need to pay to unlock the full game.


You see this Chip that's going to be on all the discs will be activated by the 1st console it's put in and the will be a code

as data on the disc and the same code on the chip if this code is ok it will then ask for the console ID if the game is activated

this ID will be on the chip on the game disc if it's not activated yet the chip will pull the ID from the 1st console it's run in

and only after all the ID codes come back as ok will that game start up.


they can even put expiry date on the disc chip if they like

instead of 1 year live gold you rebuy your game every year think about this.

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I read that stuff too.


They cover themselves by saying you are not buying the game - but a copy of it or a license.


They will catch a big cold with this one. An attempt to beat the pirates will result in less sales than if there was no protection.


And people will just go to another platform for their game playing.


A million real sales of a game with 2 million pirate versions is better than a few thousand real sales with no pirate copies.

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if the rumours are true about the whole no second hand games i most definitely will not buy this console, i buy most of my games second hand as they are cheaper and games i don't plan to play again i either give away to family or put on ebay, i don't want to have keep or bin games i no longer want!!

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Just seen all this It's going to be called the "XBOX ONE" and from the look of it the will be the USA version that has all the bells and whistles

and a cut down version for the rest of the world also EA have stuck there noses in it as you will NOT need a EA online pass read this to see why




Also If you look at the Presentation the last bit they chat about are the GAMES and then I did not see a thing that the 360 can not do

It's just that this xbox one can do it a bit faster and has better multitasking most of which will not be used outside the USA.


The is a bit at the end on the COD game that shows what it can do that the 360 can not do but It's not a lot for what we will have to give up to get this.


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