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The God Squad

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Just had what is usually termed, The God Squad at the door.


Two very nice Jehovah witnesses who were friendly polite and not at all pushy.


They handed me leaflets and I told them I would read them and they took this as a sign that I was interested. 

Even so, they left with a friendly wave.


I have read the books they gave me and all I could see was utter bunkum - bible quotes at every turn.


I'm not here to knock religion, I am aware it helps many people. 

But, being an atheist, I do wonder what makes rational intelligent people believe enough to want to spend their days knocking on doors 'spreading the word'


I can understand that Muslims are indoctrinated from birth and when you are a child, you believe what you are told but Jehovah witnesses baffle me.


What is it that normal people will accept without question the word of a God - that was actually written by men.


Anyone care to enlighten me.

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You lost me at 'Two very nice Jehovah witnesses'.

he  he, That's why I said it. I am confused at the paradox.


They eat breath and sh1t like I do and are probably nice people in all they do but yet they feel the need to come tell me about a fairytale in the sky.


It's the 'what drives or compels them' thing that I cannot even begin to understand.


If I thought they were stupid or slow or even brainwashed then I could feel pity or compassion but these are average good people.

I could see this. They were laughing and making jokes with me and general chit chat - but they wanted me to join in their fantasy.

A fantasy that doesn't take two minutes to dispel.


I don't hold myself up as one who can see the real truth, it's just not logical to me.


Is there something in these people that I am lacking - or something in them lacking or extra to how I am built.............


There is definitely a difference between me and them but I do not know what it is.

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The JW's are a sect, not a religion, and there is a lot of mind control involved.


Do a bit of digging and you'll be surprised at what comes up.


I dug up lots of info a couple of years ago to prevent a girlfriend from being "dragged" in (I was successful thankfully).

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