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Anyone print photo's online

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Don't use visaprint!

They advertise very cheap printing - it's bollox.

They add something to the price on every turn - never mention VAT or postal charges until the final page

so 500 business cards for £9.99 turns into £35.00 for basic cards.

I wanted a clear company logo sticker to stick on the inside of my cars back window - just the lettering and logo to be visible

I explained it carefully to them and sent the logo artwork. - what did I get?

The clear parts were white, it was printed with an inkjet and you could see lines through it and worst of all the sticky side was on the back.

Meaning if I used it, I would have to stick it on the outside of the window.

I couldn't use it as it would have obscured my rear view vision.

After much arguing and threatening and 9 months - I got my money back.

I went to a local printing/graphics company and they made me 4 for £40.


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On 12/08/2018 at 19:29, Alloneword said:

Divvy have you used these yourself, if so what is the quality like?



No I have not used them but a friend recommended them to me and I understand that they were fairly good.

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