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Video storage/playback Cheap vps wanted

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I'd say a NAS is what your looking for and the best bit is you can Spread the Cost out by getting a NAS unit and putting any old HDD in it to get you going then at a later date

upgrade that drive for real nas drives.

If you go down this road I'd say get a 2bay unit and say away from the single bay units.

I use a synology NAS but the are ones by qnap / Drobo but stay away from ones like Western Digital / Netgear / Seagate they lock them down too much.

You can get a Synology DS218j 2 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure for about £150 + any old HDD for the time being

Then at a later date get a nas hard drive if your going for 4TB or less get a wd red if it's 4TB or more then go for a ironwolf

( you will need to get the same drive again at a even later date so bear this in mind )


Say you got the DS218j for £150 then got a 2TB WD Red for £70 ( you can get a 4TB ironwolf for £105 )

Then at a even later date you get the 2nd 2TB WD Red for RAID this is how to setup the nas so it see's the two drives as one and will make an extra backup of your DATA

The overall cost is £150 + 2x£70 = £290

daveb47 if you do go down the NAS road I will be happy to help get you get started on things like the user interface and software.

here is a youtube video so you will have an idea about what you will be getting into if you do get one.




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Sorry about late reply only come here mostly weekends.

that BUFFALO LinkStation you have is realy only good for backups and as a bit torrent downloader

to get the full use out of it you need to setup a ddns or get a static IP  (My 1st nas was a LG one drive and my 2nd was a Dlink two drive) and i had to do this for them to work

My 3rd nas the synology is a different breed of nas you have your user name and pass but then you also have an account for all the users of the nas (you still have full control of it)


Has your BUFFALO LinkStation got samba file support as I may be of help for setting up linking to videos on it for you

i will have a read up on it too Dave

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