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Advice on who to use to host a site

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It's not so much who to use as such, i am with 1&1 (or whatever they call themself nowadays) for email etc but i want a compnay that will hold my hand or talk me through hosting a website, i know how to buy the domain etc, but i want the most basic of site.

I will have a landing page thisisme.com or whatever stupid name i come up with then that landing page will have about 300/400 words and a few links going to a few pdf pages and a few zip/rar packages as well, and that would be it, nothing else, now i know you guys who do this stuff all the time will say it's easy but not for me remember i had a stroke a year ago and my mind is not as good as it was at learning new stuff, so i need support to be able to say to me put pdf file called XXX.pdf here and call it pdf one etc etc etc real basic stuff anyone have a suggestion for a good place to use?



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