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Electric vehicles,slight problem


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The disadvantages far outway the advantages.

They are great cars if you only drive locally and charge every night.

But even think of that - you have to charge every night and not forget to.


Recently, my alternator failed and I had to wait a week for a replacement fitting. The battery went flat during the day and I had to charge for hours every night

It was a complete pain in the arse.... To be condemned to that for the life of the car is no joke.

How do you go across the country in one day? Drive 200 or so miles then charge for 8 hours before you can come back.


They say they will invent super batteries that will charge in an hour - they haven't yet and probably can't unless a super material as yet unknown is found.



If they go down the road of zero emissions, it will probably have to be hydrogen powered cars that only emit water vapour but even then every car will have a tank of liquid hydrogen on board....

You will have seen what happened to The Hindenburg  


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