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Disabled Bay Disapointment


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I am disabled & virtually housebound.cant walk far at all,Waited almost a year a Disabled bay to be installed,which was about a month ago.Since then i have had a £120 fine because my blue badge dad slipped of mu dashboard.Now find myself worse off than before because others withblue badge have parked in it,and i have to park way up the road,cant park near my own house at all.

Think i am going to apply to have it removed

Wish i could afford a dropped curb etc.

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Had the same thing with my mom at an old address


You can put a sign up on YOUR fence like "no parking for resident only" or "reserved parking"

Or some cones they are a £5 on screwfix (how likely are they to get nicked in your area)


Even if you get a drop curb a no parking sign like the above is still a good idea.

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