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  1. Divvy

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year
  2. Divvy

    Anyone print photo's online

    No I have not used them but a friend recommended them to me and I understand that they were fairly good.
  3. Divvy

    Anyone print photo's online

  4. Divvy

    Anyone print photo's online

    You looking for quality photograph printing so you can frame them for example?
  5. Divvy

    Anyone have a wired CCTV system?

    Probably a days pay for someone who knows what they are doing, £150-£200 at a guess
  6. Divvy

    FFS what next

    To many snowflakes now
  7. Divvy

    Happy new years!

    Happy new year to you all, lets hope this one is a good one
  8. Divvy

    JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Congratulations, 20 years! Wow where did that time go?
  9. Divvy

    I need a screw

    It is not for a Garmin is it? see here
  10. Divvy

    The more things change.....

    Forum is looking good Jamer and still here after 20 years!
  11. Divvy

    [Please Read] New Members

    Hello to any new members
  12. Jamers has been here for almost 20 years, surprised not as many people use the forum like in the past. Unless the forum is used it may not survive another 20 years? Good to see you online
  13. Divvy

    The Pad went offline

    I wondered what had happened. Glad it is all sorted Jamer
  14. Divvy

    Need to learn how to use twitter

    Rother has pretty much covered it all above.
  15. Divvy

    Top Gear hosts are ......

    It was the original 3 that made this program work and was as successful as it was. It will never work the same without them, so I won't be watching the BBC's version.