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  1. 50 shades

    The missus bought a Paperback, down Shepton Mallet way, I had a look inside her bag; T'was "Fifty Shades of Grey". Well I just left her to it, And at ten I went to bed? An hour later she appeared; The sight filled me with dread... In her left she held a rope; And in her right a whip! She threw them down upon the floor, And then began to strip. Well fifty years or so ago; I might have had a peek; But Ethel hasn't weathered well; She's eighty four next week!! Watching Ethel bump and grind; Could not have been much grimmer. And things then went from bad to worse; She toppled off her Zimmer! She struggled back upon her feet; A couple minutes later; She put her teeth back in and said I am a dominator!! Now if you knew our Ethel, You'd see just why I spluttered, I'd spent two months in traction For the last complaint I'd uttered. She stood there nude and naked Bent forward just a bit I went to hold her, sensual like and stood on her left tit! Ethel screamed, her teeth shot out; My God what had I done !? She moaned and groaned then shouted out: "Step on the other one!! Well readers, I can tell no more; Of what occurred that day. Suffice to say my jet black hair, Turned fifty shades of grey................
  2. Happy new years!

  3. Programming for beginners?

    Check out Stanford university. Thanks have quite e few online and free courses.
  4. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Has been a good site for a long time. Congrats Jamer. Too many more I say as I raise my glass. It's only 9:45 am here so I am making quite a sacrifice. Maybe I'll make a few.
  5. HELP solving matrix

    Got it Thanks
  6. HELP solving matrix

    Here is a link to the problem. Only one is actually needed to open this box puzzle thing. This is part of an ongoing game that we have played for a number of years. This box might hold another bottle of 18 yr old Bowmore Islay single malt and I could "share" https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B2SjpZYZSL_1N2tZZ2szOUtIdmc?usp=sharing
  7. HELP solving matrix

    I have a matrix that needs solving to open a Christmas present. Does anyone know how or perhaps there is a math teacher in the house or a teacher that knows a math teacher. I have not used that math for forty years and by coincidence I threw that text away only two months ago.
  8. vacuum sealer machine

    Had a relative use something like that to fit clothes in a suitcase for a holiday. However he did not pack a hoover in his bag so on the trip home he had to buy a new suitcase.
  9. Anyone in the US or Canada?

    Hi Just saw this.....woke the wife up and she confirmed. I do indeed live in Canada. We're you looking to buy the pink ones to match your luggage??
  10. Swap Verbatim 32GB MicroSD card for decent 16GB

    What about good stuff that looks like crap? I bought this card just outside of the most important pub in my neighborhood from a friend of a friend who was wearing good shoes...except on one foot. That's why he/she was selling the card. Secret service super fast it is so I was told. 16 gig card but since it is a top secret one they put on a phony label of 256mb. Sure am glad I bought this baby but since I don't really need it I'm willing to let it go for the trade. Hope I'm not too late!
  11. Rental DVD's in other countries (like Lovefilm)

    Netflix is streaming. First country US but Canada as well and more. Each country has different content. Different wants and costs in each country. DVD rentals??? Rental??? Dark ages are history...we use the torrent-rent-to-own system!
  12. Happy New Year to all at Jamers

    2014 Goodbye. It was a bad year with a lot of hurt. It was a good year with a lot of love. So, what does that make it??? I Guess that it is what you make of it so I try and forget/ignore the bad and let the good flow. 2015 I will concentrate on the good! That is all that I will allow so that is what will be!! Cheers to all, and to all a couple of shots of good tequila followed by 6 or 7 beer. Maybe some pepperoni and a plate of cheese along with a couple of quarts of wine. Then perhaps a few cocktails before heading out to the pub to have a few pints along with a bit of dinner. Don't want to rush things now as it hurts the digestive system. Best to sit back and enjoy a few double Grand Marniers Now, let's do it up right with six or seven hours at the clubs. Must keep with the spirit of the day, however, and not overdue ourselves with drink ....or driving home could get touchy and we wouldn't want to be on the other side of the law! Cheers All Time for a night cap or four and then for a good nights rest. Big day ahead....work starts at 7 am!!!
  13. Best Compact Camera Under £350?

    Look again at the picture of the camera but only after you have photoshopped it!!!
  14. Photo slideshow on TV

    Check your PM