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  1. pepper

    So where do you think flight MH370 has gone?

    "So many contradictions or lies or withholding of information" Have to agree with you there don't think we're getting the whole story of what they know
  2. pepper

    Merry Christmas To Everyone At JamersPad

    Merry Christmas to you all and a happy new year
  3. pepper

    Who uses FB then

    had account for years never used it apart from searching for people
  4. pepper

    Anyone missed the dead man

    Welcome back to the land of the living m8
  5. pepper

    Private limited company

    http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/toolsToHelp/chdDirectInfo.shtml try the demo here it shows a little about the paid info
  6. pepper

    Happy birthday Jamer

    Have a good one mate
  7. pepper

    And finally

    Enjoy yourself m8 lets hope you have a long and happy one
  8. pepper

    Happy New Year

    happy new year to all
  9. pepper

    Merry Christmas

    happy christmas to all members
  10. pepper

    Sky Fiber Vs BT Infinity

    i`ve got a mate on BT nearby, torrents are deffinately a no go on a night so if you use them you will loose this. another m8 is on the same but he uses newsgroups with no problems.
  11. pepper

    Olympics,what do yo think so far

    Wait till its all over then see how much it`s cost us all then, whole thing to me it`s a money making machine for a few that we will all end up paying for
  12. pepper

    I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    welcome back m8
  13. pepper

    Can everybody on facebook

    Done, good luck
  14. pepper

    Happy Birthday to me tra la la la la

    Happy birthday to you