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NAS drive question

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Just aquired a edimax ns-2502 Nas drive.

Got it working fine but it doesnt have any facility for accessing from anywhere other than home network.

Is there any way round this .

Was hoping to be able to use dynamic dns of some sort but it doesnt support it.

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I have the same problem, I think we need to read up on it a little more Dave, well I do before I can get my head around it lol 

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Hi Dave, 


What do you mean by 'facility to access it'? 


Do you mean the WebUI itself, or do you mean the actual files on it? You've probably already clocked - you can setup the NAS to be an FTP server - if you're struggling to access this then perhaps your router firewall preventing access to it? 


For the dynamic DNS part... 

You're right, from a (very) quick google, the ns2502 doesn't seem to support this. 

What router have you got? Some routers support DYNDNS, you could use that instead of your NAS for the dynamic dns part? 


Another option I used to use.. 

Some dynamic dns services have client software which sycnhs your PC's IP with your dns name. I used to have my PC power up at 4am every morning, start the client app to sync my IP, then a windows scheduled task to power off at 4:10am. Then, just hope that the internet doesn't reconnect / get a new IP for the rest of the day :)

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I know the best way for a synology nas it's called quickconnect

(you setup an account on synology website then setup the nas to link to that account)


All you have to do then is log in to website to get all your files or use the apps for music-video download manager.


A lot of the nas manufacturers have some type of setup like this now as dynamic DNS is a pain to setup some times

see if edimax offer this.


Jamer if i remember from a past post you have a synology it's one of the best for this.

The top 4 NAS manufacturers are QNAP  Drobo  Synology & G Drive is one is best for mac

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