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  1. Anybody got a scanning reciever for sale???
  2. Pets n Wildlife My new site. Please take a few minutes to check it out. Your wives/girlfriends/children may be interested also. http://petsnwildlife.com Cheers Dave
  3. Bloody right it is,every time i look its gone up a bit more...
  4. Well for once,i agree with you. Just the tip of the iceburg.
  5. More money in kickback to the cronies.. http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/16181427
  6. Log shot but as anyone got an ipb licence for sale,cant afford to get one frm ipb lol.
  7. The obvious is obviously all in your mind.......
  8. And the point is....??????
  9. Whoohoo sparky has had a jumpstart lol So it was the labour clowns who thought of this one, lol No idea how many have benefitted by this,but 1 is too many in my opinion. And as for that moron,he should have been castrated years ago. Any property he has should be confiscated to pay for his families.
  10. Unfeckinbelievable Muslim husbands with more than one wife to get extra benefits as ministers recognise polygamy Husbands living in a "harem" with multiple wives have been cleared to claim state benefits for all their different partners. A Muslim man with four spouses - which is permitted under Islamic law - could receive £10,000 a year in income support alone. He could also be entitled to more generous housing and council tax benefit, to reflect the fact his household needs a bigger property. Scroll down for more... Extra benefits: Muslim men with multiple wives can claim more for income support Ministers have decided that, even though bigamy is a crime in Britain, polygamous marriages can be recognised formally by the state - provided they took place overseas, in countries where they are legal. The outcome will chiefly benefit Muslim men with more than one wife. Ministers estimate that up to a thousand polygamous partnerships exist in Britain, although they admit there is no exact record. Potentially, the benefits bill for income support could reach £10m. New guidelines on income support from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) state: "Where there is a valid polygamous marriage the claimant and one spouse will be paid the couple rate (£92.80). "The amount payable for each additional spouse is presently £33.65." Income support for all of the wives may be paid directly into the husband's bank account, if the family so choose. Chris Grayling, the shadow work and pensions secretary, said that the decision was "completely unjustifiable". He added: "You are not allowed to have multiple marriages in the UK, so to have a situation where the benefits system is treating people in different ways is totally unacceptable and will serve to undermine confidence in the system. "This sets a precedent that will lead to more demands for the culture of other countries to be reflected in UK law and the benefits system." Mr Grayling also accused the Government of trying to keep the ruling quiet because the topic is so controversial. Corin Taylor, research director for the Taxpayers' Alliance, said: "British taxpayers are paying a record amount of tax so the Government has a duty to make sure that every penny is spent properly. "Polygamy is not something which British law allows and therefore British taxpayers should not have to pay for extra benefits for second or third wives. "If other countries sanction polygamy that is fine but the British taxpayer should not have to fund it." Ministers launched a review of the benefit rules for polygamous marriages in November 2006, after it emerged that some families had benefited financially. The review concluded in December last year with agreement that the extra benefits should continue to be paid. But the decision was not publicly announced. Four departments - the Treasury, the DWP, HM Revenue and Customs, and the Home Office - were involved in the review, which concluded that recognising multiple marriages conducted overseas was 'the best possible' option. In Britain, bigamy is punishable by up to seven years in prison. Islamic law permits men to have up to four wives at any one time - known as a harem - provided the husband spends equal amounts of time and money on each of them. The DWP believes the number of people in polygamous marriages entering Britain has fallen since the 1988 Immigration Act, which makes it harder to bring more than one wife to the UK. But, while a married man cannot obtain a spouse visa to bring a second wife into Britain, some multiple partners may be able to enter the country via other legal routes such as tourist visas, student visas or work permits. Officials have also identified a potential loophole by which a man can divorce his wife under British law while continuing to live with her as his spouse under Islamic law, and obtain a spouse visa for a foreign woman who he can legally marry. Immigration rules say entry clearance may not be withheld from a second wife where the husband has divorced his previous wife, and the divorce is thought to be one of convenience. This is so, even if the husband is still living with the previous wife and to issue the entry clearance would lead to the formation of a polygamous household. Muslim couples are only married in the eyes of the British state if they undergo a register office wedding as well as a Nikah, or religious ceremony. Muslim groups say it is quite common for men here to undergo more than one Nikah with different wives. This does not count as bigamy since only the first marriage is legally recognised. A DWP spokesman said: 'There are fewer than 1,000 polygamous marriages in the UK and only a small percentage of these are claiming social security benefit. "We recently reviewed the rules regarding benefit payments to customers in a polygamous marriage, which conclude that the rules in place since 1987 provide the necessary safeguards to ensure there is no financial advantage for claimants in a valid polygamous marriage."
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    Many thanx Phil,Gogs,i will invite you asap m8
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    Registration is closed,but you can still join if invited by a member m8. If i get on i will send you invite........
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    You can get an invite from a member m8,but but guest registrations are closed.
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    Is there anyone who is member of demonoid.me who can send me an invite please
  15. Germany's Fourth Reich without a gun being fired........
  16. daveb47


    Sparkie makes this board, Gives me something to laugh at .......
  17. Should be well matured now m8..Dunno if it will affect the taste tho lol..... :Hmm:
  18. Good on him,Shame more are not like it A maverick mayor, elected after promising to slash council spending, clear the streets of yobs and ditch politically correct services, is the torch-bearer for how towns should be run. On his first morning, as Mayor of Doncaster, in South Yorkshire, ( UK ) Peter Davies cut his salary from £73,000 to £30,000, then closed the council’s newspaper, for "peddling politics on the rates". Now, three weeks into his job, Mr Davies is pressing ahead with plans, he hopes, will see the number of town councillors cut from 63 to just 21, saving taxpayers £800,000. Mr Davies said: "If 100 senators can run the United States of America , I can’t see how 63 councillors are needed to run Doncaster ". He has withdrawn Doncaster from the Local Government Association and the Local Government Information Unit, saving another £200,000. Mr Davies said, "They are just talking shops". " Doncaster is in for some serious un-twinning. We are twinned with probably nine other cities around the world and they are just for people to fly off and have a binge at the council’s expense". The mayor’s chauffeur-driven car has also been axed by Mr Davies and the driver given another job. Mr Davies, born and bred in Doncaster, swept to power in the May election, with 24,244 votes, as a candidate for the English Democrats, a party that wants tight immigration curbs, an English Parliament and a law forcing every public building to fly the flag of St. George. He has promised to end council funding for Doncaster ’s International Women’s Day, Black History Month and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month. He said, "Politicians have got completely out of touch with what people want". "We need to cut costs. I want to pass on some savings I make in reduced taxes and use the rest for things we really need, like improved children’s services". Mr Davies has received messages from well wishers across the country and abroad as news of his no-nonsense approach spreads.
  19. Nice one, if protest was peacefull them she was probably right.
  20. Yes as they will only either plead guilty & br dealt wiith or remanded not guilty pleas will be heard at later date,Whether they should get bail or not is a different matter. probably getting 1 vote is another reason for you not to stand lol :In-love: Just wondering if you have managed to influence anything yet??/ Serious question,not taking thewee btw
  21. This is my view on you.... I have stated my views quite clearly in this and my other posts,all regarding subject of the posts. About time you realised that members make posts to discuss a subject and not to be hijacked by you on your favorite subject. Are you not capable of having a sensible discussion????
  22. Change the record please,polly,sorry sparkie. there may or not be truth in what you say,but stop winging about it in every single thread,this thread is not about that,please start a new thread if you want to discuss it. I am sure you will get many replies on the subject.
  23. Putting it simply for those who dont understand.. Looting is a cowards crime,it is not a misdemeanor, it is a crime commited just for personal gain on the back of other peoples misfortune. professional people should be hit hardest with sentence,they should know better. If they dont they aint worth a w**k All sentences should be the same for all involved Looting set high sentence Rioting set high sentence etc No exceptions. And sparks,please give up on thiis continual c**p about those up top,this post is not what this is about,it is a totally seperate issue,Go open a post about it and see if anyone is really interested at this moment except you??
  24. Yes to every right minded person in the country. Should be a minimum 5 years for taking part Looter & arsonists 20 years Hit the scum hard
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