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  1. Same as jasram. Not been here for a while but wanted to wish everyone happy 20th Birthday
  2. Iphones have the number blocking built in to the phone side of things but I don't know about any others. You can look at the number by going to recent calls and it gives you the options of saving to contact list etc but also gives you the option of "Block this caller" I've used it for some of these spam callers and it seems to work OK.
  3. Is this to your mobile or home phone because you can bar numbers from certain mobiles? I've done it to some of these nuisance callers
  4. Thanks to the nice people collecting their pizza I couldn't park in a disabled bay and had to park where I could actually get out of the car which was not in any bay at all as they are all too small and got a parking ticket for their effort.
  5. Sorry Jamer if this is not allowed and please feel free to delete if it is My son and 3 mates are starting a silly bike ride tomorrow (Wednesday 31st July) from Brighton to Blackpool. A total of 330 miles which they aim to do in 3 days. Totally bonkers but it is for charity namely the RNLI (Lifeboat Institution) which a very worthy cause. If anyone feels strongly enough to donate towards this cause then the Just Giving page being used for all the lads is https://www.justgiving.com/JonKirkhamPier2Pier. The amount on there is not the full amount as the lads do have donations from their work
  6. Just a quick look at Companies House gave me this info There is a free phone app that will give you some info as well.
  7. As far as I know all they have to give is from when they "landed" in the UK. Anything before is not required. What is just as galling is that I have to do this every 5 years or so and I've had my airside pass for 25 years with the same company and same airport. It does wind me up.
  8. Excellent but so true. We have all sorts of checks at work because I go airside at an airport to maintain aircraft. we are allowed to carry our tools with us but still have to be searched each time. Anything they look for can be carried legally in our toolboxes except water to drink or milk for our tea. We also have to have these stupid criminal record checks done and a provable work history going back god knows how many years just to get the airside pass. Fair enough but what of the immigrant workers who clean the aircraft who have only just arrived in this country? Their checks only go back
  9. No problem. Glad to help. :Smiler:
  10. I've used it a couple of times looking for particular images to send to someone to make into a signature on other forums. It seems to work quite well.
  11. If you look at the search field on Google Image page there is a camera icon on the far right of the field. Click that and it gives you the option to upload an image from you computer or enter the url of one from the net. Just hit search and away you go.
  12. Belated Happy Birthday Jamer. I hope you had a good one. As for the five-0 I'm very close to the next big one after that.
  13. Mr Grumpy

    And finally

    Congratulations Macs. I hope you have a really good and long retirement. I just wish I could retire but I have 5 years til the mortgage runs out. I hit 65 at the same time so hopefully I will make that date sort of in one piece.
  14. Those are commercial vehicles and as such should be used for just that. If they were then they would have no need to use a supermarket car park and as I said earlier I long for the old days when they were banned from such car parks for the reason of being too big for the spaces. Drivers of such vehicles left them at their place of work. Now we can't get round housing estates because they have forgotten to uphold the bylaw that prohibits the parking of commercial vehicles overnight and because those drivers use them as their private transport. The walking limit now is down to 20m so the issue
  15. I could turn this around and say that you know the situation with car parking and you still choose to have large /expensive cars so you only have yourself to blame. I can just about walk with a stick but only for a few yards so therefore I need a mobility scooter for anything more. Pray tell me where the f*** am I supposed to park to be able to get this out of the car if not a disabled bay which by some of your comments I should not have let alone a decent car to go around in that I can actually use properly. Yes there are some that scam the system but surely that is exactly what you are prop
  16. Making some larger bays for ordinary parkers would be a solution but it still would not stop the ars*****s from taking up the space that I need amongst the disabled bays. Having larger ordinary bays would also leave them open to other abuse including parking caravans etc and end up making the place even more dangerous. Whatever anybody does just keep out of the disabled bays as we more often than not do not have the choice of how we are or what we can get in to or drive. Sometimes I wish for the very old days when commercial vehicles of any kind were not allowed on housing estates and blockin
  17. What I was saying was that only disabled should park in those spaces because that is what they are for. My car is an S Max which was £26K new and yes I would find it a problem to park if I didn't have a badge. I still wouldn't use the disabled bays though. Whilst Jamer is probably doing no harm with the times he uses them, how much does that gradually change until it is a problem. Some of the new bays where I live are actually further from the shop door than the new walking distance guidelines for blue badge holders. Taking even a couple of them can cause real problems for those that can still
  18. I am disabled and drive a new large car. I cannot get in or out of a smaller one due to my disability and the car is supplied to me by Motability because I qualify and get DLA. I get so pissed off when I can't get into a disabled parking bay because there are people filling the spaces who have no disability at all and no blue badge. As far as I am concerned some of those should be permanently banned from driving and have their cars confiscated. They have no idea what it is like to have to live with a disability and don't give a flying f*** about anyone else. I quite often have to park further
  19. Sorry for not being around lately but as I know DJ from another forum I would like to contribute something. Can someone PM me the details of where to send a donation please?
  20. Cheers for that. I had forgotten just how anti establishment he was. It has now all come flooding back :Winky:
  21. I have to admit my recent absence from the pad is partly due to being fed up with all the surliness of his posts. Now he has departed, and I don't know why, I may well be dropping in more frequently now.
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