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Ordering a new phone from Russia need help

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I have been looking at new phones and found one I like but you can only get it from India Russia and China


I have never Ordered from Russia Before I'd like to know if any body has had things from here

IE what to do and what not to do when ordering from Russia.


Are the any big websites like Amazon in Russia that will ship to the UK.

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It's the HTC Desire 600 it's a Dual SIM phone we don't get any of the good ones over here as the networks don't like them.

The networks are the biggest buyers and sellers of Phones from the manufacturers If more people got phones SIM free and paid the extra £20

for the phones the networks won't be able to tell the manufacturers what NOT to put in the phones we buy.

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I've put a pre-order in for it from Singapore


The funny thing is here in the UK we use 900 MHz & 1800MHz for 2G and 2100 MHz for all the 3G

This phone I'm ordering only uses GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 and HSDPA 900 / 2100 for SIM 1


But we have a law in this country called the trade description act that says a Dual Sim phone can not be network locked

So the networks will not subsidized this type of phone.


yet we still get people saying this phone X is the best phone ever made and at the same time NOT having access to all the top phones out.

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Yes I have heard of similar stories of Dual Sim Phones & work here, perfectly well too.. (Chinese copies etc)


Even when I visited Hong Kong earlier this year, that is all you can see, Phones that have not even made it on the market here yet & some awaesome Dual Sim action too.


If you think you can get away with it, then go for it!!


I'd suggest that you whoever sends it to you, that you can get them to mark it up as a gift..



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You still have to pay VAT on a gift if it's over £38 now all the eBayers are to blame for that. The VAT will be about £50 but the is no duty on a phone.


Try getting Bicycles from china the is duty @ 86% then VAT @ 20% on top of that if you get a Bicycle for say £250 from china it will cost you duty £215 VAT £93


£250+£215+£93=£558  It will cost £558 to ride a £250  Chinese  Bicycle in the UK now that's a rip-off


I look at it as VAT is good and duty is bad as you are paying a tax on a tax.

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