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  1. It is scary how soon time passes us by.
  2. Sending my condolences, Dave was a very scribe member here for so many years. RIP
  3. Happy new year, lets all hope 2017 is a brilliant year for us all
  4. Do you still have this Jamer?
  5. scrambler

    not dead yet

    lol Good to see you back on the Pad 1576
  6. scrambler

    Hello again

    Hello Bazz, yes we are all still here, hope your good.
  7. I hope he gets through this, poor bloke.
  8. In my experience when you park the other side of the car park away from everyone you can guarantee when you come back someone has parked right next to you as for parking in two bays that's almost as bad as parking in a disabled space is it not? but a friend of mine did this recently and got a ticket for compromising 2 bays, cant win! They should build bigger spaces for larger vehicles.
  9. In fairness Jamer said the following. They are happy to supply larger spaces for disabled people and parent and baby but not for larger vehicles as in Jamer's case, so I blame the car parks! What is Jamer supposed to do then Mr Grumpy? he has a brand new expensive vehicle (£33k), so what would would you do or where would you park if you were him?
  10. We are all still here just under the undergrowth :Tongue:
  11. I own an apple macbook and an iphone could we have an apple forum as I am not alone, this would be good if possible please
  12. Fantastic news, congratulations both! :Fun:
  13. scrambler


    Nothing better than an olive branch... lets hope that Alloneword reconsiders after a short break from the pad. :Winky:
  14. Yes made jamers my homepage about a month back :Smiler: :Smiler:
  15. It was good to see and it draws in interest from visitors from all over the world but yes was just a lots of boats lol still it was over 300 years ago since they did it last time.
  16. In the past year or so every time I logged into gamers, all I saw as sparks complaining posts about how crap it is in the UK and all the other things that were not right, I do not think he did jamers any favours and i have noticed a massive improvement in activity since he has gone, shame because he used to be a really good member here he just got a bit OTT with his protesting posts.
  17. scrambler

    Hi All

    Your welcome here :thumbsup:
  18. Always good to have new members, enjoy yourself here, always lots going on :Teeth:
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