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Very confused & muddled at moment

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I know the feeling Dave, i can see the statin and gabepenten (spelling) there i have them as well and i presume your on a high dose of thinners right now, last time i was here i saw you had issues with driving, i don't know if they told you but you can't drive for a month after your stroke, I presume it was not a haemorrhagic more often it seems to be ischaemic which is what i had about 18 months ago, Dave this is a warning, wake up and smell the coffee m8 you may not be so lucky next time, i saw some scarey sights when i was in hospital and it sh1t the life out of me, i'm lucky hopefully i wont have to worry about things soon but YOU have kids and grankids, change your lifestyle Dave, i'm only being harsh because i do not what your going through, you will be classed as disabled get to the pool when they have disabled sessions i did and it helped a fair bit F U C K what others may think of your it's your life and you are the only one who can change things, i do wish you the very best dave and dont take any offence to what i say i am saying it as i have been through what your going through, all the best.

Dont bother replying i won't be here to see it, i only came here for one reason tonight and that was to PM Jamer



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