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Been an Idiot,big time


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Thought i would upgrade my elderly pc....?
Bought what i thought was an appropriate Mb/cpu

CPU Type QuadCore AMD Ryzen 3 2300X, 4000 MHz (40 x 100)
CPU Alias Picasso
Gigabyte A320M-S2H V2 Mb

Just found Cpu does not support Windows 7 64 bit

Cant get on with windows 10

So i need a

AMD Pinnacle Ridge, Summit Ridge or Bristol Ridge CPU.

Any ideas anyone
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You have found another way they are shafting your choice, i know alot of MB manf dont give drivers for 7 so i know about that didn't know about cpu before you bin it or return it, chck if there is a workaround on google there maybe a way round it but i fear it's a return or ebay job

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1 hour ago, daveb47 said:

Tried it,totally bloated,over complicated,home reporting bloatware.

In short its Crap!

Could not agree more Dave, I went away a while ago for some alone time with a new fresh instal of 10, even when you converted everything to make it look like 7 it still took ages to load (M.2 drive) and just seems slow compared to 7, if i was going to hang around i for sure would be looking at the move to the big bird




Might be time to look at it Dave?

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Well,board etc has gone back

Aquired secondhand

Motherboard Name    Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 v4

CPU Type    QuadCore AMD FX-4350, 4219 MHz (21 x 201)

24gb ddr3 memory

Pci Sata3 6 Gbps, 4port card.

500mb Sata ssd drive

Installed Windows 7 Ultimate

Works brilliantly


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It's not the hardware per se that's stopping you from Windows 7 but more to do with the UEFI BIOS they are slowley blacklisting older software and drivers ISOs

It's to phase out 32Bit at the end of this year 2020 no 32bit software will be supported anymore that's Windows / Linux "ubuntu been the first" iOS Android

all being 64bit only going forward. Adobe are even sunsetting flash player the end of this year.


It's all been done in the name of security "and to save cash" did you know over 80% of computer virus are 32bit so switching off 32bit kills 80% of virus

anti virus software will run a lot better and faster if it only has to scan in 64bit.

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Christ Dave where did you buy this from please don't say shpock or gumtree or anything like that?

If it's not been used for ages, take out the cmos battery short out the start pins and give the pins on the MB a small rub down with a nail file to make sure there is a decent connection, that is my only suggestion.

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If it's a 2nd hand motherboard get a new cmos battery and don't get a cheap one it's important that a PC keeps good time.

you can get Energizer CR2032 Lithium Coin Battery pack of 4 on Amazon for £2.38 on a motherboard they are good for about 4 or 5 years each.


As for the power LED flip the connector on the motherboard Red and Black wire to the LED see if this fixes it.

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