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  1. Great stuff and I never felt a thing
  2. Anyone ever claimed back PPI?

    I have and I used a Company called "The Claims Guys". I know they get 30% but even after their cut I still got £8500 so it was worth paying them and they even went back to the early 80's
  3. Hi everyone thought this was a good offer share Ryanair are currently selling flight for all of November from £2 For example I searched flights from Newcastle to Malaga and flying from Newcastle on the 15th it is £2 going out and only £1.78 flying back on the 22nd. These deals are from various airports in the U.K and Ireland and as I said for all of November Take advantage if you can Macs
  4. The Pad went offline

    Was worried for a while but should have known better Glad its back
  5. Merry Christmas everyone I hope Santa is good to all of you
  6. Greeting

    Welcome back, thought you had emigrated, nice to see old Members resurfacing
  7. Woohoooo, DJWeeble is going to be a bar owner

    Great stuff, Congratulations mate Hope everything goes well with the exam - especially if its a tasting exam
  8. hi everyone

    Hlo stranger, welcome back
  9. Unfortunately the phone I use is a Samsung S3 mini but will check if I can block it in that way as well Thanks for the tips everyone
  10. Good stuff will give it a go Thanks a lot
  11. Its to my mobile. I have checked with Vodafone and they say that they cant bar a number unfortunately
  12. Hi Guys, I am getting daily calls from 07432445920 and whenever I answer they hang up. If I call back I get a "do you want to send a text message to let the owner know you have called" message? I have no idea who it is that is making these calls and have tried googling it but come up with a blank. Can anyone help find out who it is please?
  13. Ogre & Biscuit Eater hope U R OK.

    Well high tides today have come and gone and thankfully everything was fine. A few of our local friends have lost quite a bit but we were lucky
  14. Ogre & Biscuit Eater hope U R OK.

    Just heard on the local news that high tide in the morning is at 4:45 and is going to be 1/2 metre higher than tonights not sounding good at all. I will let you know Thanks for your concern mate
  15. Ogre & Biscuit Eater hope U R OK.

    Im in Hartlepool in an area called the Headland and we are cut off. There is only 1 road in and out and its under about 6 foot of water. The waves here ( I can see them from my bedroom window) are about 20 foot high and coming over all the roads, through houses and gardens and then settling across the main road. My wife had to abandon her car and wade through the water with help in order to get home. Hopefully it will start to run off soon now we have got over high tide and I will keep you informed. On another note I also hope Ogre & Biscuit Eater are ok