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  1. Hi everyone My wife and I are off to New York on the 29th for 7 nights. I have prepaid for the usual experiences but wondered if anyone has any useful tips or ideas for anything we can do. Its my wife’s 60th birthday and also our wedding anniversary while we are there I have prepaid for a weekly subway pass so travel around New York won’t be a problem thanks in advance
  2. Macs


    Wow, I am lost for words and feel incredibly sad. He has been around for so long and will be badly missed. Condolences to all his family. R.I.P Dave
  3. Merry Christmas everyone, I hope everyone has been good and aren’t on Santas naughty list. let’s hope the World turns into a better place and that we are all still here this time next year.
  4. Macs

    Cant win

    It never rains but it pours mate. hope you get it sorted soon
  5. Seems to me that the dummies have been spat out of the pram with these two. She is a typical Yank desperate for any kind of publicity and he isn’t the man we all thought that he was and is being led by her like a glove puppet. They make all these accusations but name no one and the Americans hang on to every word as if it was gospel. She is a C grade actress and played up to Oprah doing just enough to tease the masses. We are well rid of the pair of them, I just hope America doesn’t try to send them back cos I am totally fed up with the whinging bas****s
  6. Macs


    I personally welcome the possibility of passports if it means that things will be opened further. Mind you I also have nothing against I.d cards being ex Armed Forces I am used to them and see no problem having to produce identification if ever required cos I have nothing to hide.
  7. Macs


    Getting the vaccine at least gives us a chance to maybe one day getting our “normal” lives back. Without it eventually no matter how cautious you are the law of averages say you will come into contact with it. whether the vaccine give 50,60,70,80,90% immunity is in my opinion far better than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. I am getting my vaccine today so at least I will hopefully be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, All these Covidiots make me sick and I hope they all get it.
  8. Happy New Year to you all
  9. Hi guys here is a Christmas present for all you drinkers on the site. Go to save our pub Budweiser and purchase a gift card for any amount. (I have just purchased a £50 voucher). Budweiser will double it so that you can spend it in your local pub. So I have £100 to spend, and the good thing is you can spend it on any drink it doesn’t have to be Budweiser and there is no time limit which is even better in these lockdown times In Google search type in the following Saveourpublife Budweiser or just enter the following url. WWW.Savepublife.Com Enjoy
  10. Macs

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all, hopefully next year will be better. Hope Santa is very kind to you all
  11. So sad, I grew up fancying the pants off her. R.I.P Barbara
  12. This is awful, so very sad. sleep well old friend RIP
  13. Got this message Please enter your BuffaloNAS.com name. About BuffaloNAS.com Name The Buffalo NAS device could not be connected. Check the settings of both the router and the Buffalo NAS device. Before using this website, please read through the privacy policy and agree to it first.  I have read and agree to the privacy policy. How to Use Check Valid BuffaloNAS.com Name Delete BuffaloNAS.com Name
  14. Thanks guys, hopefully another 10 years of Jamerspad as well
  15. Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. 70 years young today and stIll going strong.... Here’s to my 80th
  16. I always use SVCD2DVD very good piece of kit
  17. Lol nice one Allonewird I never thought of that
  18. Hi Jamer I have used an NTL email address on the site and have used it since I first joined the Board many many years ago and I no longer use that address. Today I have tried to change it to my Gmail email address and am getting a “unable to use that address in this board” error message. Is this a glitch or are Gmail addresses not allowed Macs
  19. Macs

    Sorry guys

    Sorry guys, I am in Switzerland at the moment until the 15th. My son lives and works here and is in hospital and I have been here since the 2nd. I come home on the 15th with heavy heart cos he isn’t in a good way and I can’t get back here TIL the New Year and I really hope he’s still here (fingers crossed). Last thing I want to do is come back here to take a dead body back home. I am not going into details suffice to say it’s not good. He earns mega bucks in his job and has been buying the wrong stuff and he is finally paying the penalty Fingers crossed for me guys but especially for my son
  20. Talk about getting kicked while you are down. Best of luck mate, chin up Regards & Good Luck
  21. Macs

    New Website

    Got it now panic over lol
  22. Macs

    New Website

    Nice one Jamer though I have just tried to register and I have not received the email to activate account even though I have asked for it to br resent. can you check this for me please
  23. Give me some, anything will do I am not greedy lol
  24. Lol you must be worth a fortune Sir Zorro
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