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  1. Royal Mail Track & Trace meanings

    A few years ago I ordered some expensive golf socks for my son inlaw as a Christmas present. They never came. I took it up with the sender and the post office. After a long drawn out affair - the sender (not ebay - an online shop) sent some more. The post office said they had delivered them and wouldn't budge from that (Nothing signed or card to where they had left it) So he got his socks and all was well in God's heaven and earth. :) 6 months later I went to the garage to get the lawn mower out for the first time that year and I noticed something fall down the back of it. Yep - the original sock box. The temptation is to say nowt.... but i'm an honest man and I do believe in karma so I emailed the seller. They thanked me for my honesty and said I could 'keep em' I was sporting some rather snazzy Pringle golf socks the next time I played. :)
  2. Anyone want to earn a few extra ££

    The term is 'auto-ranging' That means when you put the probes on live terminals, it will sense whether it's AC or DC and what voltage, usually up to 500V Unfortunately - Fluke and cheap are words that don't go together. This is the one I use on a daily basis. It's hand held and you can clip one lead on to the meter to test wherever you want - unlike the one you have shown where you have to put the meter down somewhere to test. https://www.screwfix.com/p/fluke-t5-1000-open-jaw-electrical-tester-1000v/93086
  3. Anyone have FTTP?

    I'm not a great fan of Virgin with their 3 monthly price hikes and very expensive channels - but their fibre optic internet speeds are fantastic. I have their basic 100MB and it never drops anytime of the day. d/l speed always says something like 107MB (upload is 10MB)
  4. Anyone know if bhess still lives in Tampa

    This can be the trouble with forums. They have been popular for what....15 - 20 years and a lot of people die during those years. Wives and girlfriends are not likely to go on the deceased forums to tell everyone. I had a friend through online gaming and the associated forum. The game stopped being online but we stayed in touch He lived in Israel and over the years we became great friends celebrating kids and grandchildrens births etc. He invited me to his jewish wedding in Israel and I'm ashamed to say, I daren't go - there were missiles being lobbed over at the time. He was in the Navy and reached the rank of captain and commanded his own war ship. Then the emails stopped and he was never on google chat anymore. I scoured the net for months for information on him but nothing. I hoped he'd just stopped the chat because of his position in the IDF He had mentioned that, that might happen. Over two years later I joined twitter and found an IDF account. I asked them about my friend and they DM'd me with the sad news he had been killed by the hezbollah.
  5. Anyone ever claimed back PPI?

    Best get ya skates on then - it all ends soon, and forever. MIne was also complicated by an ex-wife. The mortgage was in joint names and I wasn't going to contact her For 1, Ive not seen her in umpteen years and she is a right cow For 2, she screwed me royally in the divorce, ending up with the house (of said mortgage) and me to pay for it for the next 20 years, I struck lucky though - even though the house/mortgage was in both our names, the building society account was just in mine. This meant they could proceed without her signing owt - or knowing about it. :)
  6. Anyone ever claimed back PPI?

    I had PPI on my mortgage with a building society that did not exist anymore. The PPI people called and wanted my case NO wonder at 30% of anything they get You might have been happy Macs with someone taking your dosh for doing 2 hours work (in your case you must have been due over 12K) I was not and told em to do one. In all honesty - I would rather get nothing than fill their pockets with my actual money. A bit of research (not hard) I found that the original building society had been bought out by the Halifax I went on the Halifax site and they had a section that just deals with PPI. I had long lost the paying in book - no online banking in those days and no idea what the account number was. All I could supply was my name and the address of the property. They had to physically go through old paperwork (from the old society) but they found it and I was paid a decent lump (with no 30% taken of) 6 months after I had been paid out, I received another cheque for £122.30 and a letter explaining that I had left £14 in an account and it had accrued interest. :) MY advice - do your own digging before letting the leeches have a go. They have no more resources than you do.
  7. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    Think I have been here for almost the 20 too. Been banned a couple of times so a different name these days. (Got threat of violence from an old admin - so I wound him up and he banned me lol - came back under a different name, told him who I really was - banned me again haha) When software and 'stuff was hard to get hold of - Jamers could usually come up trumps
  8. Anyone into playing the electric guitar

    It's a Squier Fender strat copy. (made under licence from Fender.) To be honest, a serious player wouldn't touch one. They are made in China or Malaysia so the price new is a quarter of a Fender made in America. That one would be about £150 - £200 new. And the big problem with them is they warp. Sometimes only very slightly but it puts them out of tune from above the 5th fret. Don't let me put anyone off though..........they are a great 'first guitar' and you would probably never notice the few Htz out of tune. Not unless you join a band or jam with someone then if you both hit the same note there would be a horrible resonance. On the plus side, they have a beautiful action, and good amps (electronic not tube) are reasonably cheap these days and they come with all sorts of effects already dialed in. People think because it says Fender on it - it's a Fender. Squier make guitars under licence for all the top Guitar makers including Gibson.
  9. Anyone happy to do me a huge favour

    It's a bit like 'The Young Ones' episode where Rick says to the rest 'Hands up everyone who likes me' And everyone puts both arms down as low as they can :)
  10. The Pad went offline

    Yay..................though we were gone forever.
  11. Drones

    A friend of mine uses one _not as expensive as that though. He uses it a lot for his business (builder) and flies over rooftops checking for bad/loose tiles or roof faults. He doesn't then go pestering the occupants but sends them a photograph and estimate.. He gets a lot of work from that - and happy customers as they didn't know their roof was bad. They have not had a cold caller and they have photographs of the problem.
  12. On't box again (twice)

    What is it you are confused about dear alloneword :)
  13. On't box again (twice)

    Most of you will have seen me when I was on Sky Sports being interviewed after our dog won a race - well, Iv'e got meself on it again. (possibly twice) Last year my friend phoned me, he said ' get yourself down here, they are filming 'Happy Valley' down our street. I didn't know what happy valley was - and for those that also don't, It is a popular drama on the BBC. So I went over and the film crew and actors had taken over the street where he lived. (In Halifax) I was allowed through the cordon (they had actually blocked off the street and only residents were allowed through) So we watched it all being acted and filmed from his window. It was very interesting. Anyway, they went further up the street and we came out of the house to carry on watching. I watched the episode last week and lo and behold, there is me and me mate :) stood in the background as clear as day lol. So, I'm getting to be a regular TV star these days.............lol but it doesn't end there. Last week I'm travelling to work and notice that there are hundreds of cars parked up where there are usually none. Up ahead I see 3 cop cars all askew in the road and of course I think 'oh must have been a bad accident - or even worse, a terrorist incedent' But I drive through and then notice that there are lots of people and cameras and huge arc lights and boom microphones and as people are running about they are being filmed and followed by the boom mic's. I then see a woman getting makeup put on and think to myself ' I know her face' After a while, I realised it was Sheridan Smith (her wot played Cilla and also Emma in the Royle family) I drove through the filming while it was going on, so I am very likely to be in a scene in my car.................. I made some inquiries what was going on and found out they are filming the Shannon Mathews story - you might remember about a little girl (a few years ago) that went missing from Dewsbury, west Yorkshire and the whole of Yorkshire was mobilized to try find her And it turned out she had purposely been hidden under a bed in Batley to claim the reward money The mother was jailed for deception etc and her live-in boyfriend jailed for being a nonce or peado....... But you will laugh....... the thing that impressed me the most was the 'chuck wagon' lol. They were filming for a few days so the next time I got out of the car to watch Oh man, do they feed the actors and crew well. This food wagon was as big as an artic, there were about 20 people just serving food. Full breakfasts at one end and roast joints and yorkshire puddings at the other with every food you can think of in-between. And 2 double decker busses done out with tables chairs and comfy chairs for them to go scoff it. The smell of the food was fantastic and made me feel hungry............if I'd more cheek I'd have queued up for some. So that program will be airing in summer I imagine. As a side note, I later found out that they wanted to film it all in the actual estate where it all went off but the residents (and boy is it a rough estate - a no drive through zone if you know the area) wouldn't let them. And when I say wouldn't let them..........they came out with bats and stones and anything they could get hold of and threw them at the crew when they tried to 'set up' there. lol
  14. Need to learn how to use twitter

    Well explained. It takes a bit of getting used to.................and a lot of 'ah bollks to this' but it can be good - even great when you are familiar with it. You often see famous people falling out online It can be hilarious. Not that i'm a famous people follower... most are complete tw@ts But sometimes they go into meltdown. You will see it in 'trending' even if you don't follow anyone involved and then read the whole story. No one can delete the tweets (there are no mod's) apart from the original tweeter and even if they do many have retweeted them so the story stay alive.
  15. Need to learn how to use twitter

    Like all these social media things, there is good and bad. I've been on twitter for years - and you hit the nail on the head with the 'early news' part. If something is in the news on TV but 'for legal reasons' they can't name the person or what exactly happened You can be absolutely sure that loads of people will have named the person and what happened within minutes of it occurring. There's a 'feed' or 'trending' column always on so if you miss the news - it's there. Often before the media have got the story. There is no gagging or censoring of anybody - people can say what they like. The Jeremy Clarkson indecent, where he was fired for hitting the producer. He was on telling his side - knowing he was in the sh1t. His side was never published in the news. You chose who to 'follow' and you see their tweets (sounds corny or even creepy) but there are some very entertaining tweeters out there. Take for instance the other week - the hotel fire in Dubai. It came on 'trending' before it broke on the news. People who were there were taking videos of it. The news got wind of it and actually showed twitter videos. You can of course go incognito. Open a new gmail account and call yourself what you like. You can tweet famous people and if they 'like' or object' to what you have said they will answer you (for all to see that follow that person) I've been answered and re-tweeted by quite a few famous people. Be warned though, if you say something horrible to someone - all the followers are likely to tweet you calling you a w***** and c*** etc which in itself can be very amusing. What I'm getting at is: you only see and read what you want to see. You don't see everybody's tweets - just those you want to follow. There are a lot of tossers who try to follow you..........but it's one click to block them. I read twitter every morning while having my first cuppa..........like reading the newspaper but only the good bits.