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  1. Belated happy new year peeps.
  2. Merry Xmas to all Padsters and their families.
  3. I Am Deleting The Following People in This group As They Do Not Contribute or post. Kendra Pertilla Reida Nichols Irene Dennen Rachel Brantley Jivenia Porter Renee Simpkins Andrea Bogle Danni Smith Vicky Marica Dickert Elmira Chouinard Danielle Grimes Deonna Foerster Lorean Rothschild Nola Dick Lucille Delariva Nora Wohlers Shoshana Kozak Bari Strous Douglass Houser Leonarda Otero Jamie Jenkins Kaleigh Didonna Lyndon Lanclos Renata Schillaci Lisa Arrigo Charlotte Calvin Yelena Dunnam Rena Lawhead Quinn Sines Jeanmarie Cabaniss K
  4. Can't believe that it's been so long. Still call in daily.
  5. Happy New Year to all Padsters (Yes, even you All1)
  6. Hi Dazling, it's possible to convert .jpg to CAD format. Google is your friend (besides me)
  7. If I remember correctly I got here via the same route as you All1. Can't believe it's been around for 20 years I've met up with a few members. Met Dazling in London, a group including Ness in Blackpool, had a meet in Newcastle, and finally met up with CT and others in Boners pub in Walthamstow. I'm still grateful to Dave for getting me on the tube back to Bethnal Green when I was only capable of talking algebra Long my the Pad keep going. Just need someone to organize another meet up. Any takers?
  8. I'd totally forgot it's today. Just been out and not seen a single flag. Good job really. We don't want to be upsetting any minorities do we?
  9. Merry Christmas padsters
  10. Best of 3? First to 10? Live with it. I would have had to live with the outcome if 'Remain' won. I wish the bleeding hearts would move to another country in the EU (possibly Scotland) while they still have a chance. Rant over
  11. Looks like we're no longer a 'United' kingdom, but hopefully we can be a 'Great' Britain once again I wouldn't trust Scameron as far as I could bloody hurl him.
  12. All1 When you get your bike light, will you be riding on the pavement & riding through traffic lights on red, like the other pedal powered two wheeled to55ers?
  13. Had a bit of a panic attack All resolved though
  14. Or the red ones to match your eyes
  15. Bah Humbug to Colin and family and all Jamer's members, especially All1
  16. Same place as last time DJ. Mine's only SD though.
  17. Will organize for it to be downloaded for you Phil
  18. I fell down and am still sat on the floor as I type this. No idea what my situation means
  19. You're welcome :Smile Face_32:
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