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  1. You've been talking to CT again haven't you?
  2. Enjoy your ride back All1. Swing by Southport on your way home :Smile Face_32:
  3. Just re-insured through Hastings Direct again. £85.66 with £15.75 to come back through Top Cash Back, so £69.91 in total
  4. If I had one of those I'd have to ditch the basket off the front, it's so naff
  5. :Surprised_32: Best wait until you're an old duffer like me all1. Over 60 and therefore a very sensible rider Tell that to my missus when she's punching me in the kidneys to go faster. At least I think that's what she means Fully comp cost me £87 last year, bike garaged though.
  6. Get good CE approved clothing and never ever ride in shorts and tee shirt, not even 100 yards to the corner shop. Get the best lid you can afford 'cos you only get one head. Nothing else I can suggest to you All1 other than 'Point and squirt', and watch out for the Blue Meanies
  7. Re: anything else to be aware of Idiots in cars
  8. That would be me sir 2006 Kawasaki ZZR 600 Black/Platinum
  9. Looks like a nice place to hold the next Pad meet. Re: I just have to pass the Swedish Alcohol Law exam You should walk that, what with all the knowledge of alcohol you've gained over the years. Good luck m8
  10. Did someone leave the back door unlocked again
  11. Interesting. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=131j0htYIoU
  12. Sir Zorro

    RIP Milky

    I also remember Milky. RIP. Hope that family are coping with their loss.
  13. You lost me at 'Two very nice Jehovah witnesses'.
  14. Cheers All1. Your 20 years adrift m8, but free prescriptions from today
  15. Happy Birthday Jamer, hope you have a great day :Smiler:
  16. Sir Zorro

    And finally

    Enjoy the rest of your life Macs. Anyone who has spent their life working well deserves to put their feet up and take it easy. Just over 5 years to go for me and it can't come quick enough. Enjoy :Thumbs_Up1:
  17. I managed to witness some pr1ck back into my son's 1 day old C3. When I pulled him up on it and asked him if he'd just backed into the C3 he said that he had. Didn't stop him trying to drive off though. Luckily there was a minor scuff that my son said wasn't worth the hassle pursuing. Some @rseholes have no conscience or respect for other peoples property. He even had the balls to threaten me when I called him a dick head. I reckon £500 a panel isn't out of the ordinary for a paint job.
  18. Just realised you pm'd me. Answered :Thumbs_Up1:
  19. Bye bye :thumbs-down1:
  20. Hope you're well CT, long time m8 :Smiler: KFF, now there's a name from the past. Strangely I was just thinking about him the other day.
  21. Can we merge this with the bad taste thread ? :Smiler:
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