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Grease. It's old, it's corny and yet still great. Plus Olivia neutron bomb is a babe in it.


Goodfellas. Watched it at least 20 times - if it was on tonight I'd watch it again.


The long good Friday. Great story, great acting and Helen Mirren was gorgeous in her youth. (I mean I'd drag my knackers over burning coals to get to her)


Layer Cake. I am sure they picked Daniel Craig to be James Bond on the strength of his part in this. A gripping and vicious drugs story.

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Funny as watched tremors a few weeks back and is just as great. The kids watched it too and I was like - watch this kids it fab. Then it was on other night and mate said on facebook he was watching it.


So currently i am having fun "educating" the kids with proper films such as Alien, Aliens (yes they are a bit young at 10), Ferris Brullers day off, They Live, splash, gremlins. All these films I am sure they would never watch as they would rather the current offerings from holywood which mostly are rubbish.



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