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Anyone else lashed out a wad on one of these ?


I just bought the latest DJi Phantom 4, €1599   :Cool_32:


I've been toying with the idea of buying one for a while now, but was finally convinced after seeing a friend flying his older one, and decided to take the plunge.


This thing has dual Inertial Navigation Systems, GPS and GLONASS (the Russian version of GPS), Collision Avoidance, and a whole host of other shit I haven't even started to discover yet, but one thing really sets it apart from some of the cheaper crap you hear about, and see reports of in the papers when they fly too close to airports etc...... there's a regularly updated list of worldwide No Fly and Restricted Fly zones on the website, and this stops you becoming one of the idiots, as the drone will turn away and come home from a restricted area, unless you have registered a flight plan up to 3 days before, it will also refuse to take off within a No Fly zone, and will even land and shut off it's motors automatically without you having a chance to overide it, if you should stray into a No Fly zone at any time.


I tested this, as the bottom of my street actually falls just within the Restricted Zone for Bremen Airport (1 mile from the centre of the main runway), I flew towards it at 500 ft (NOT ON THE FLIGHTPATH, at 90 degrees to it), just as I got close, I received a warning on the tablet screen that I was about to enter a restricted area, I kept going, the drone then took control automatically, descended to 120ft avoiding trees and houses, and flew out of the area, another warning then came up on the screen that I had to register a flight plan 3 days before I could proceed. My only option was to come away from the zone, or to land, I had no other control available to me.


I'm really enjoying this thing, not to mention the quality of the video..... 4K..... it's awesome  banana.gif
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A friend of mine uses one _not as expensive as that though.


He uses it a lot for his business (builder) and flies over rooftops checking for bad/loose tiles or roof faults.


He doesn't then go pestering the occupants but sends them a photograph and estimate..


He gets a lot of work from that - and happy customers as they didn't know their roof was bad.

They have not had a cold caller and they have photographs of the problem.

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I have a Micro Drone 4" big and it's not that easy to fly "can not get it to hover on the spot"

but I had a go on my mates 20" Drone and that one was a bit easier to fly


So I'm going on the assumption the bigger the Drone the more stability you get in the air.

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The battery on my machbox size one is 8 minutes and 15 minutes to charge it up.

I'd say the bigger the better and if i ever get a 2nd drone it will have propellers the same size or bigger then a CD


When I put the red propellers on my machbox size Drone it was better to fly.


The black propellers that come on the Drone were 2.5cm

the red ones that were in the box but needed me to fit them were 3cm

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