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Hellooooo anyone still around?!


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19 hours ago, Alloneword said:

I pop in every day but it's very quiet nowadays  :Sad_32:





12 hours ago, Sir Zorro said:

Still lurking on a daily basis

 Its great to see you guys still around and alive and kicking, people all seems to disappeared off the forum. 

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On 17/12/2018 at 00:58, Alloneword said:

Yea like you :Laughing_32:

I am errr around or those that know me know I am kinda around on Facebook most days playing games mostly lol!


23 hours ago, Jamer said:

We are all still here although the site has really dropped off. I am still paying and we have been here for over 20 years but unless it picks up in the New Year I may end up closing it and just running our Facebook Page

Totally understandable x

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5 hours ago, Alloneword said:

Understandable but if we go Facebook route i will not be moving over to it, just can't trust them sorry m8.



Hopefully I will keep the site open but 2019 we need to get some activity here or I am just pissing in the wind so to speak by constantly paying. Maybe we could look at new topics for forums...On FB we do have Area 51 a members only group :) 

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On 18/12/2018 at 17:31, daveb47 said:

Not me

Hey my Dave ^_^ ...glad to see you still about :)

21 hours ago, badlad said:

I'm here still :) 

:Cool_32: hey!


2 hours ago, The Fonz said:

Hey!! I am still here folks but it is quiet, we need to gee this place up again 

I guess some of you have to get nakid then :tongue_32: LOL!

2 hours ago, synthkid2 said:

Im here as well !!   All our posts been reset to 0 ? just i joined years ago lol !


Hmmm don't think I remember you :Surprised_32:

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