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So anyone know how to fix this, apart from.....

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Lose some weight you fat pig   🐖


Had the sofa for about 15 years i think it was a habitat, sat on it the day and pop my fat arse has broke one of the Z (curly) wires, i'm guessing i could get it welded (i think they call this stuff spot welding so long as i put some metal plate behind it, i have ebay'd metal cable ties and get some hits but no idea if they would work, i don't need huge long term fix just a couple of months, being in lockdown is not an issue as being classed as disabled nowadays i think i can allow someone to come and help me given my physical limitations nowadays, or better still any home fix would be looked into as well, have good access from underneath the sofa, but access from on top (which i bet i need) is going to be out of my range.


So thoughts and comments welcome, oh yea happy fooking Easter :Winking_32:



I don't know why i still sign All1, jusy a force of habit i guess



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I'm not to sure if that would work but if i got some heady duty one's it might, I have been able to find replacement springs on fleabay (372018667667) but looking at the images i think i'm going to have trouble getting into the angle to fit the new spring, it will mean i will have to dismantle from the top down and i think that is beyond me

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This and a pair of pliers will do the job "lucky I know the name of that type of Spring" they are called Sinuous Springs and they are cheap.




Just remember to buy 9 gauge at the length you need.

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That's intresting i thought you had to gain access from the top and that is what was causing me to look at a pro fixing it, i know the springs are only a few quid so i might go back in later and have a nose and buy the springs online thanks for the link Cobra :Thumbs-Up:

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