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This country is shit with prices


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I've seen it for about £45 too.


Remember the U.K price normally includes VAT @ 20% and in the U.S tax is added at checkout.


If you buy an item here at £500 that's £400 for the item and £100 VAT  (at xe.com today £400 GBP is = to $504.90 USD)

in the U.S the is a flat VAT @ 10% + a state rate on top (not listing all of them) some states levy no personal income tax

but levy a higher VAT rate.  if you look at Alabama it has VAT @ 13.50% + the flat VAT @ 10% = 23.50% But this is the only place in the U.S

were it cost more then the U.K the next one after this is California at 7.25%

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I remember being in New York and getting something for say 20% and going to the till to be told its $22- you just want to know the actual price to you, not the before sales tax price.



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