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Euro 2020 (2021)


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I am not a massive football fan however, I do enjoy the big competitions.


Enjoyed all of the matches this week and it was great to see England beat Germany!




I do not agree with the taking the knee before each game (wtf) and personally I think they should take the politics out of football but I'm looking forward to watching the match on Saturday from Poland! Yes we are travelling tomorrow and everything is open, so we're looking forward to hopefully seeing England beat the Ukraine 


Anyone else been watching ?

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Of course. Loved the matches where we were not involved (ENG) but find it painful to watch us - not because they are bad but you live every moment. Every bad pass hurts. Every wrong decision has you jumping out of your chair.

How can this be fun lol. Come on England.

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It's funny how times have changed


An advertisement for FIFA World Cup 2010


But if you sing this at Euro 2020 (2021) get a lifetime BAN from the game.

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Don't think any one can take Boris serious, with all his clowning around 😀.  


Having more luck with the Olympics, the 13 year old skateboarder done well

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