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Words fail me......

Sir Zorro

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There are so many bikes on the road at the moment, there's a few who think they own the road.

While driving in the country i came across, a group of cyclists who where cycling 3 a breast, usually two side by side is bad enough to get past but 3 is taking it to far.

The recent complains about the electric scooters, have you seen how fast some of the battery powered bikes go 🤥


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I know what you mean Gazza.

They've recently spent hundreds of thousands closing our Costal Road and widening the cycle paths.

So some knob decided that's not for him but the better option was to use the road and hold up all the traffic in a 50mph zone.

I told him he was a selfish tnuc as I passed him. WFT is wrong with them?

Were getting cycle lanes shove down our throats and all they do is cycle on the pavements 🤬


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The Car was indicating the Bike with no lights or helmet come up the wrong side of the road.


I counted at least 4 things the Biker did wrong in 5 seconds.



Should make it law that they have number plates & insurance.

Also make riding on Road when there is cyclepath,or on pavemen illegal with heavy fines,same with crossing red lights etc.


The problem with that Dave is a lot of kids still ride bikes and the exercise is good for them (we have enough fat kids as it is)

At the moment the police can only seize a unpowered vehicle if they think it's stolen we can fix by including Recklessness too.

as for riding on the pavemen we need a speed limit like 10mph - 15mph

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