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  1. 💋 Can't see anything wrong with that, next rounds mine when we meet again All1
  2. Well checked the bank today and the money is there £801 plus an extra £30 for extra hassle, so holding on to my £800 for the best part of a year has cost them £105 in total, feels like they should have paid alot more for all the hassle and bullsh1t they have given me but i'm just glad to be free of them, my advice to everyone else is avoid Together Energy at all costs and don't be put off, if someone owes you money keep pushing for it, DJ & Rother many thanks for your help guys. All1
  3. Got another phone call from Together Energy today saying the funds will be in my account in the morning but i have heard this before, so we will see what the morning brings All1
  4. Will do letter went off last week, listing everything and supplying paperwork eveidence including OFGEM ruling (but ofgen seem pants from my experience) but we will see i will not only list the compnay but i will list the FD on it as well and hopefully it should get some movement but donubt it to be honest but i'll keep it updated as i have news. All1
  5. OK Thanks DJ I'm going to write one final time on Monday as i could do without going to court but i will look at Money Claim Online now and see what they say many thx. All1
  6. LOL very funny m8, well it could have been a lot worse for me so in that way i dodged a bullet, but still left with issues, like some weakness on left side and numbness on left side but as i say it could have been much worse for me so i'm not complaining just a wake up call to some degree that i need to change my life 45 years of eating sh1t has caught up with me so now best tasting meal is cardboard with salad dressing 🤢 All1
  7. Together Energy owe me £800 and been through ombudsmen etc and still no money so only option left is small claims, any advice for me if you've been through it. All1
  8. Should not have asked m8, recovering from a stroke which i had last year, in fact it was 364 days ago, so still hangin in there m8, so long as i old live that old barsteward Zorro i'll be OK 😀
  9. Wow blast from the past, hope life is good for you m8. Yea it was a pain in the rear but in the end i went with 1&1 (or whatever they call themselves nowadays), i only use them for basic email package and they seem ok for what i need All1
  10. Great little tip many thanks cobra will save me loads of time, will do it that way rather that using temp email accounts etc
  11. No idea m8 I'm lost, i just find is so funny what a bunch of wa*kers All1
  12. No not bothered about followers it's just something i thought of to save me having to make new accounts all the time, i just wanted to save myself some hassle but i have looked into it more and from what i can find everyone wants payment via bitcoin etc and i dont use any of that crypto stuff, si it does look like im stuck doing it the old fashioned way 🙁 All1
  13. First off i'm not going to do anything that is against the law here, i'm just trying to save myself some time. Every time i post to someone they block me (i think they don't like me, whatever) so rather then buy a few sims and setting up tons of account myself which i could do i just can't be bothered i was wondering about buying say 100 account, not going down TOR/DarkWeb as i dont know enough about it so done a simple google search and tons of options to do this but was looking for some advice on sites i may be able to trust, and any payment hints, i don't use crypto money so options may be limited any help or feedback would be welcome. All1
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