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  1. Local MP is about as much use as a wet paper bag IMO but having said that i have that thought about all of them my old m8 Guy Fawkes had the right idea... 🧨 On a serious note they only took notice when i followed this info and the letter before action, i had my funds with an extra £50 for the hassle within 3 days https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/making-a-small-claim/ All1
  2. Any chance of a link Dave? Classic post this one should be pinned 🤣
  3. It's not so much who to use as such, i am with 1&1 (or whatever they call themself nowadays) for email etc but i want a compnay that will hold my hand or talk me through hosting a website, i know how to buy the domain etc, but i want the most basic of site. I will have a landing page thisisme.com or whatever stupid name i come up with then that landing page will have about 300/400 words and a few links going to a few pdf pages and a few zip/rar packages as well, and that would be it, nothing else, now i know you guys who do this stuff all the time will say it's easy but not for me remember i had a stroke a year ago and my mind is not as good as it was at learning new stuff, so i need support to be able to say to me put pdf file called XXX.pdf here and call it pdf one etc etc etc real basic stuff anyone have a suggestion for a good place to use? All1
  4. No i get my payment in other ways don't i Zorro 🥰
  5. So here i am 1am looking for new high viz jacket for the bike find my item and check the domain, and what do i find? THIS The man is a menace
  6. Dare i say it would also help if people popped in now and then to see what's going on and made a few posts or replies, otherwise new place will die a death if only half a dozen poor souls visit. All1 Soz if i speak out of line
  7. What do you expect i'm half Scottish, diplomacy is a disgusting word. As for ISP just get a simple little VPN, never used them up untill a few months ago and works like a charm, i can often be found at midnight onwards watching Aussie TV, for your info i use Express VPN but they a bit pricey
  8. Alloneword

    New Website

    Awesome move buddy well done
  9. Jamer, I'm far from a lover of FB and avoid it as much as i can, so if this place is going how do you feel if someone started a thread to find out if others on here use another site so we can all (who want to) stay together in some way, maybe a post not in a public forum, what are your and other members houghts on doing this? I'm just trying to keep some of us in a single place for those who want to avoid FB. All1
  10. Sad but i thought the day would come, given the amount of activity on the board has gone downhill a large amount over time, shame.....
  11. 💋 Can't see anything wrong with that, next rounds mine when we meet again All1
  12. Well checked the bank today and the money is there £801 plus an extra £30 for extra hassle, so holding on to my £800 for the best part of a year has cost them £105 in total, feels like they should have paid alot more for all the hassle and bullsh1t they have given me but i'm just glad to be free of them, my advice to everyone else is avoid Together Energy at all costs and don't be put off, if someone owes you money keep pushing for it, DJ & Rother many thanks for your help guys. All1
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