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  1. JamersPad 20th Birthday

    If i remember right it was linked very closely to another site that is no longer around and i found Jamers via that other website and as they say the rest is history. All1
  2. Fire Extinguisher... What class

    You know what Fonz i looked at wiki and came up with roughly same info but i thought i'll wait a while until the London Fire Brigade (LFB) come back to me with info as if anyone will know they will, well replied to my info request said they are not allowed to give advice of brand or class to buy, i 'm how f**king stupid i can undrestand brand issue but not tell me what class, another example of how this country if screwed beyond workds and anyone who choose to live here is NUTS, i only live here because i can't afford to move. LFB and can't give info out how stupid is that. All1
  3. Fire Extinguisher... What class

    Being one of those scummy social housing people, these recent events at Grenfell Tower Fire safety is something that has been on my mind, not that i will ever have to jump from 20 stories tall but none the less it's been on my mind and despite the fact we have fire/smoke alarms it would seem a good move to have some basis fire safety measures here that i could use to tackle a basic fire. We are all electric however i do have 2 very small camping gas bottles in the flat (that run a camping Jetboil Zip fire) other than that i guess at worse were looking at a electrical fire so water is out i guess, I’m thinking a dry powder version but would love someone with fire knowledge to give their input looking for nothing more than a KG in size i guess. It's only a small London (can't even swing a mouse let alone a cat) 1 bed flat but we 10 mins away from our local station and a lot can go wrong in that 10 mins. All1
  4. I need a screw

    Not yet but i'm off to a place next week called Clerkenwell Screws and these are the people a few model railway and model racing car shops have told me to try they do all those micro kind of screws, so hopefully next week will give a result. All1
  5. I need a screw

    yep sure it Divvy, im getting a database error on that url right now but i will keep looking
  6. I need a screw

    I'm in the market for a very small screw, it has to be very small screw indeed. OK enough of the jokes being told the size i need is a M2x125 I have done the usual google and only place i could find was china with a min order of 50,000 so iven i only need one it's overkill, anyone have any idea where i could source this tiny one All1
  7. I was always under the impression that Social Media (SM) sites were a chance for joe public to post their views on said company, however i'm seeing more and more sites that are either vetted before a post is posted, hence no bad posts ever get seen or they just use it as another place to advertise, so what's the f**king point of them how can i tell the company how sh*t they are as well as alerting other people how bad they are? Rant over. All1
  8. Anyone know anyone who canvert Vinyl to digital?

    Hi enigma101 I wanted a couple of albums converted to mp3 as there was a band from the 80's who never seemed to release in cd format years ago, so was going to buy vinyl and convert it using a usb turntable, however before i bought the vinyl i found someone selling some CD's and was able to get his price down to about £10 a disc which for me i was very happy with as least i now have the digital rips plus the discs for future ripping if need be, so i'm actually sorted now but many thanks for the offer, and i might keep your details handy as i do have a few other vinyl albums stored in the loft so my get my rear end up there and get them down so don't be surprised if you ge a PM sooner or later. All1
  9. Anyone know anyone who canvert Vinyl to digital?

    No i have nothing here that will do it, i know you can buy turntables that plug into USB ports but last time i looked they were £50 and as i said in other thread i can buy the CD for £35 i was just hoping someone might have one of these USB turntables
  10. I have an old vinyl album that needs converting to digital format, can anyone do it on here? All1
  11. buying a domain (Fairly urgent)

    Thanks Jamer your right i can't buy it outright only rent/lease it as you say. Bought one today for £8.50 at least it means i can keep my tesco.net email account which i have had for years now, so many thanks All1
  12. buying a domain (Fairly urgent)

    I need by a domain on the hurry up for my email use, if my understanding is right i have 2 options they are, i buy from someone like freeparking.co.uk and this option seems to be they will OWN this domain and i pay something every year to them to keep leasing the domain from them,a nd if i wanted to own it myself they wil let it go but i will pay a heavy price, or secondly just buy it outright myself, from whom i have no idea on who and how much it would cost. Can someone please shed some light on this for me? All1
  13. Happy Christmas

    Good to see your still rocking Gazza. All1
  14. Great Commercial (especially for Jamer)

    I liked the bit in the bath it made me laugh and a nice story behind it as well All1
  15. Given your other half is Polish thought this might go down well and it's a nice vid. All1