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  1. Alloneword

    Can you PM someone on twatter or Instagran

    That would be good but i run Windoze
  2. Alloneword

    Can you PM someone on twatter or Instagran

    Yea Social Media (SM) has not done much to gain contact with who i need i have email the company he used to run to try to find his office contact details but he left under a bit of a cloud so doubt they will help much. All1
  3. Alloneword

    Can you PM someone on twatter or Instagran

    Thanks Rother, no he has it turned off by the looks of it, oh well will have to find another route to get to him, thanks anyway. All1
  4. I am following someone on twatter and instagran, but they are not following me (wise move) is there any way i can send them a private message either via my droid or the PC? All1
  5. Alloneword

    FFS what next

    This is my point why not have a bank hol for teenagers who have died it might make us think more about it with this one i hear his name and switch off living in London all i ever hear is SL this and SL that, if we have to have a public holiday then make it about more then one dude, I hate this country with such a passion and if anyone says move, then i would if i could sad to say i'm stuck in this poo hole, anyone want a 1 bed flat 2 minutes from the river rent is only £65,000 a week it's a bargain honestly. All1
  6. Alloneword

    FFS what next

    First off if you think i'm a racist then jog on but i'm so p1ssed off hearing about Stephen Lawrence, now to top it all we have a bank holiday for him every year on the 22nd April, i mean why? I get that for his parents, family and friends it's been a complete nightmare and they have my deepest sympathy. But be realistic it is one dude who died, sure it's one Black dude and he was killed by racists and throughout the whole of the uk many "non-whites" will die at the hands of whites some will be racists acts some won't be, but gets my goat most of all it's one dude what makes him so special? If we have a public holiday for him why not a public holday for everyone who dies at the hands of a drunk driver, that day could be given over to educating the public about the danger drink driving is, why not? What about a public holiday for every person who has died at the hands of their partner be it a man or a woman, oh no we can't have that can we. Dare i mention a day of to educate everyone about drugs, not to mention drink on daily lives not just drink driving (Ant). My point is what makes this kid so special? NOTHING Jesus sooner this country eats itself up the better, or even better someone drop a bomb on us we just might wake up and smell the god damm fooking coffee. All1
  7. Alloneword

    It's a sad day in Alloneword's home today

    Yea but it gives me no control, from my reading they are no differnt to yahoo or gmail ie; they could shut it down in a heart beat I have signed up with 1&1 with a couple of domains and they offer some support where as freeparking was sh1t so once my domains have moved over i should be able to sort emails out and be able to store my emails offline on my own email client. All1
  8. Alloneword

    It's a sad day in Alloneword's home today

    NO i used freeparking last year and they were crap, i will need a degree of support to set it up but they only offer via email which is pants i will check out GMX now All1
  9. So when i first came online in 99 i took out a cracking email address with Tesco.net myapartment@tesco.net I thought it was awesome and it served me well for all this time, however the barstewards at Tesco's have gone and shut the whole thing down in a couple of months and i feel lost I have spoken about email addys before but always wanted to keep hold of "myapartment" but now i have no choice. So do i have this right? To get a permeant email address that i have control over i first need to buy a domain, say alloneword.com (it's gone) and then i could have various email address like mum@alloneword.com, dad@alloneword.com etc etc and i presume these would work with an email client like Thunderbird with the right setting etc that would be provided by the hosting company? So if i have the above right is there anything i need to be aware of (or stay away from) as far as the hosting company is concerned? I wil need decent support at the very least a chat option, i have been with a company who only offered email support and that was about as useful as a wet paper bag Any other advice is welcome; I just don't want to be put in this position again. All1
  10. Alloneword

    Royal Mail Track & Trace meanings

    Yea stuff like the multi tool goes on CC so i think it's section 75 applies which means it will stay on my statement for a month or so then be wiped, no intrest for me and the small stuff gos via paypal so i'll get it back in the end but just a faff, it happens every year something to do with all the temp posties just throwing mail in hallway which is open to anyone, it must cost the RM a fortune in compo All1
  11. Alloneword

    Royal Mail Track & Trace meanings

    Well as per usual at this time of year mail has gone walkabout, £180 Leatherman Charge TTi multi tool, £30 Wera Kraftform Precision Micro Screwdriver Set and a few other bits and bobs all told about £300 gone missing, wanted to put CCTV in to stop this kind of crap but landlord said no anyway while looking into a tracking number i came up with a message i had not seen before so hunted down a royal mail forum and someone posted this handy link with all the info you should need, hopefully it will help others. https://business.help.royalmail.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/756 All1
  12. Alloneword

    Anyone want to earn a few extra ££

    Thanks for the termanology help. What bugs me most was i used to work at a place that had them hanging around everywhere and could have lifted a good few if i had thought about it, the one you mention i can get for £105 new and second hand for £80, so given there is not much difference price wise i'd just buy new if i have to, but the Scottish in me always wants a deal from somewhere. All1
  13. I'm in the market for a cheap (ish) fluke multimeter? The prices they go for on fleabay are a joke, it does not hve to be new in fact i'm hapopy with second hand, maybe a spare one at work is kicking around..... I have no need for manual or box or even leads, it's just i'm trying to learn a wee bit more about electrics and having a cheap MM is just not going to cut it. Given i don't know the right termanology please bear with me, my cheapo MM has, hell uploaded pic to stop any misunderstanding, so this is what i have and i want one where you just swith to volts and it will give a reading be that 1.5 or 240v no messting about with switching dials etc, so anyone help with right termanology for what i'm after or even better a MM? All1
  14. Alloneword

    Anyone have FTTP?

    Yea this has been a nightmare for me for years, where i live in London's Docklands means most of us round here are on Exchange Only (EO) lines which means copper goes from out home direct into the exchange itself and our best speed has been about 4mbits, I took the bull by th horns about a year ago and invested in some new hardware that would allow me to hook up to a 4G based ISP called Relish.net which can give me speeds of 30mbits during early hours of the day but normally about 10mbit, all fine you might say, but no we now have a major develoment work going on which means a 11 story block of flats will be going up bang in my way of the cell site and hitting my speed for six as i will lose line of sight, no green cabinets round our way so FTTC is out, the block of flats next to me have hyperoptic and thier 1GB service but will not do our block as my landlord said they could not put there kit in our flats so that route is out for now however if we can get 5 more people they will supply us but i have already done the round and can't get anyone else to sign up. So i'm well and truly fooked.... However I have been very lucky and been able to get in touch with someone very high up within OpenReach (OR) and put case to them and after doing a site survey they have agreed that FTTP is an option for me and they will do it for me and it should be live by mid Dec and then we come to the problem of an ISP, I cannot see the point is have this speed and having a download limit put on me so all i will want is unlimited downloads and i'd be happy with 50mbit and given so few ISP's offer this option the price is not cheap. I'm guessing i might have to have FTTP installed and wait till i get the offer of a good deal. All1
  15. Alloneword

    Anyone have FTTP?

    Yea BT as an ISP do FTTP (to the home) but from my digging it's less then half a dozen ISP's that do it and off course this means prices are high and some even cap you a 50GB, i mean you could do that in a couple of hours All1