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  1. Yea afraid he did, but i did hear he had heart problems of some type as well BBC Link All1
  2. Yea like a bad smell just can't get rid of it, talking of bad smells anyone seen Zorro 🤣 All1
  3. No idea if there is anything in this or not but intresting view none the less
  4. I saw a very intresting you tube video the other night which gave the impression it had been going round Chine for some time, let me see if i can find it but i have to say i take everything i'm told coming out of China with a pinch of salt, i mean if our powers BS us you can bet your life China are doing that and alot more
  5. Here, here i have been other forums over llast few months and we have been going about this covid 19 since the 10th Jan when someone posted THIS link so if bods like us have been aware of since then the UK Govt has no excuse, and now all the cuts they have been doing are coming home to roost, if we have had a better funded NHS we would not be in the doo doo we are now, but it's more important to show were open for business then protecting our NHS staff
  6. I think the idea behind staying is to ease the pressure on the NHS so 10,000 don't turn up in one week better to have 2,500 a week for 4 weeks rather than 10k in a single goal but if that is the case then certain parts of the uk will be on lockdown for some considerable time. stormbringer Christ man so sorry to hear this news, i hope everything goes ok for your buddy in ICU Eddie Large from "Little & Large" has died off COVID as well today 😧 All1
  7. Yes i'm still here 🤬 Had everything set, found place time of time bought all the kit i needed and then we get this COVID s**t, I reckon i'm still going to be on lockdown for about another month IMO, someone on here will post when i'm gone as i will be putting someone in contact with a sibling who can confirm what has gone on and that person will post on here, so sad to say you still have me for a while yet so make use of me while you can. All1
  8. Defo not riding my bike down the A13 anymore
  9. Alloneword


    I guess i'm lucky in one way as i have been split from my so called family for many years that way if one of them was to die it would not bother me, however having said that my wife died on the 14th Dec and buried here on the 2nd Jan and to be honest it is the biggest kick in the balls i have ever had and trust me i have had a few in my days, but to lose that many people (who i presumed you loved) then i don't understand how your still standing, i wish i could say something to help but i'm all out of advice m8, i can only give you my best, ever thought Jamer is a jinx 🤣
  10. Yea sod the humans save the fluffy animals..... No not being funny with you but agree i have sent a donation to help the wildlife, my father lives in Adelaide and they had some fires in the hills but nothing near him directly, but i do follow some folks on the gram who live in sydney and they were on the 10th floor of the office and they could not see out the windows due to smoke, very sad, and then comes the floods and hail the size of golf balls, i was joking to my dad on the phone all we need was a plague of locusts and low and behold 2 days later there was a story on the news about a plague of locusts somewhere, not in Aus but just ironic.
  11. I know the feeling Dave, i can see the statin and gabepenten (spelling) there i have them as well and i presume your on a high dose of thinners right now, last time i was here i saw you had issues with driving, i don't know if they told you but you can't drive for a month after your stroke, I presume it was not a haemorrhagic more often it seems to be ischaemic which is what i had about 18 months ago, Dave this is a warning, wake up and smell the coffee m8 you may not be so lucky next time, i saw some scarey sights when i was in hospital and it sh1t the life out of me, i'm lucky hopefully i wont have to worry about things soon but YOU have kids and grankids, change your lifestyle Dave, i'm only being harsh because i do not what your going through, you will be classed as disabled get to the pool when they have disabled sessions i did and it helped a fair bit F U C K what others may think of your it's your life and you are the only one who can change things, i do wish you the very best dave and dont take any offence to what i say i am saying it as i have been through what your going through, all the best. Dont bother replying i won't be here to see it, i only came here for one reason tonight and that was to PM Jamer
  12. That's a intresting link Pan i'm half scottish and love my pipes, i have a playlist for when i'm going to do what i have in place and that is on there, always brings a tear to my eye. I signed in today for one reason and one reason only, and that is to let you all know i had to bury my wife today, and it is a pain that i cannot describe, i only hope none of you ever get to experience it. Thank you Rother for you simple yet poignant words and thanks for respecting my choice. I will post one more time and that i suspect will be from a mobile device minutes before I say goodbye to all the pain i have had to put up with and i don't mean losing my wife, agonizing that it is. Morgan
  13. Please folks it has nothing to do with my wife dying, i can deal with that it's the other stuff The Fonz, taking your own life is NOT the easy option, trust me when you have scoped your options out and what is going to happen to you at the end you need massive balls to do it, it seems people want to push their own agenda without thinking about how much i have to suffer so i will say no more in fact it might be best if Jamer wipes the whole damm thread, i expect more understanding. I wanted to hang around until a day or so before i done what i needed to but it would seem that is not going to be the case, so i will say my goodbyes now and wish everyone the best for themselves, thanks for the fun time i have had here the majority of the time and i wish you all the best. All1
  14. Sad to say this is no sick joke i wish it was. Debt does not bother me i have been bankrupt before, yes it's a pain in the backside,but not enough to push me over the edge, simple fact is you can't have what i don't have to give you, i will be paying Sue's funeral off for years if i was staying here. The main push for me doing what i'm doing is my HA not giving me a bath i can use safely, and putting a black mark against my name with a power of arrest, and i never even got a chance to defend myself in court before the injunction was put in place, so i now have it on record that i have the potential to be a violent thug, i don’t know if i said before i have had the ability to be a thug in my younger days but after doing my time inside i made a choice not to go back to prison and had to change my friends and the company i kept that was hard as i had come to love those dudes but i knew if i stayed with them i would be in the same do do again, and i will not let her push me back into being that kind of person, it's the black mark against me that has pushed me over the edge, some in fact 95% of the people i know say stay and fight but i have been fighting for over 4 years. I'm also very scared of the old story that people who have been abused go on to be nonces themselves, me i think that is just the nonces trying to get peeps to feel sorry for them, if you have been raped as a kid i cannot understand how you could ever abuse anyone, and to get to my docs i have to go past a primary school, and as ive explained above sometimes i can only walk by "cupping" myself so my penis does not rub against my pants etc and if anyone was to see me like this it would not go down well as i'm sure you can imagine. I'm happy in my head about most things i just cannot fight anymore. Please everyone try to understand i won't be talked out of this. I just want you to know why i will not be around from mid-late Jan and when my posts stop you can add 2 & 2 together and yes it will make 4.
  15. Brett i'm not using Jamers website Brett (and Jamer come to that) I am not using his website for any "statement" as such but i will go over it again quickly, I gave as much info as i did as i wanted people to know WHY i'm doing what i plan to do purely so they may understand my decesion, i know some folks hate the thought of taking their own life and i get that, i'm not looking for anything out of this myself, this was to explain to others where i have gone, as i said it bugs me when folks vanish and i thought if i vanished of the face of the earth others may wonder what happened, by doing this i wanted others to know what happened to me so it gives them an answer, i mean you think i enjoy putting this online? It's killing me i have people on here who i consider friends and i just didn't want anyone to wonder what happend to All1. Jamer if your unhappy with this thread feel free to edit/delete whatever suits you i have no intention of using the site to cause hassle for anyone, my intentions were good. I wanted people to know why im going offline and gave the info i did to explain my actions, i knew not everyone would like or even agree with me, in fact only 2 people have contacted me and said i must do what is right for me everyone else has said it's a bad move, as i say Jamer do what you feel is right for you and no hard feelins whatever happens all i ask is if someone pops up and asks about me we tell them the truth, and that being he's gone for good., lock it if it suits as well, as i say whatever is good for the board All1
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