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Happy New Year to all at Jamers

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It was a bad year with a lot of hurt.


It was a good year with a lot of love.


So, what does that make it??? I Guess that it is what you make of it so I try and forget/ignore the bad and let the good flow.




I will concentrate on the good! That is all that I will allow so that is what will be!!


Cheers to all, and to all a couple of shots of good tequila followed by 6 or 7 beer. Maybe some pepperoni and a plate of cheese along with a couple of quarts of wine. Then perhaps a few cocktails before heading out to the pub to have a few pints along with a bit of dinner.

Don't want to rush things now as it hurts the digestive system. Best to sit back and enjoy a few double Grand Marniers

Now, let's do it up right with six or seven hours at the clubs.

Must keep with the spirit of the day, however, and not overdue ourselves with drink ....or driving home could get touchy and we wouldn't want to be on the other side of the law!


Cheers All


Time for a night cap or four and then for a good nights rest. Big day ahead....work starts at 7 am!!!

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