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  1. I have just paid another £60 for the next 6 months hosting. Thank you to the 3 members who kindly sent me donations, that is really appreciated.Gazza has kindly offered to give me free hosting, so I will have discussions with Gazza and move the site across probably sometime in the New Year.Please ALL continue using our forum here and lets see if we can increase the activity!Bookmark the back up website, so that if JamerPad ever goes offline at anytime, you will have a place to make contact, there is also our Facebook page. I will prevent allowing more posts on the other website within the next 24 hours Thanks Jamer Read more: http://jamerspad.freeforums.net/thread/23/original-pad-safe-6-months#ixzz61cM6Hgne
  2. Hi Gazza, that is so kind of you. I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week but will definitely have a look at this for sure. I have received a couple of kind donations today £20 so that will help. I will pay for another six months which will give me plenty of time to discuss a way forward with you. Thank you
  3. Hi guys,The new forum admin section is very limited, there are a few other free forums I can use, so I will continue to have a look around however, if you all want me to keep the existing forum going for now, I have an invoice to settle for £60. I will pay another £20 but I would need a few donations to make up the rest which is only £40, this is maybe our best option in the short term and this will keep JamersPad alive and kicking for another 6 months because that is the billing cycle.Please respond below and give me your feedback, after all, you are the members! If you would like to donate please send a donation to my Paypal Account HERE
  4. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    I agree, lets see if we can get it back to being busy again!
  5. Jamer

    New Website

    Well done guys, spread the word
  6. Jamer

    New Website

    I have set up a new free forum here guys - http://jamerspad.freeforums.net
  7. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    I have set up a free alternative forum here - http://jamerspad.freeforums.net Please all free free to register, it would help if you all keep you're existing usernames.
  8. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    Yes, read all about it.
  9. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    Absolutely fine with an alternative forum or group somewhere, no problems because I really want to keep in touch with all our friends here. I will have a look around and see if I can fine free hosting somewhere.
  10. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    At one time, but we are not getting the numbers at the moment. To be honest £250 per year would cover it all it is just difficult for me to keep justifying paying out, I also run two other sites, one is my daughters (singer) and the other is a local website more of a community website.
  11. Hi guys, Sadly, I cannot keep pumping money into the website any longer with the lack of contributors. I set up JamersPad back in 1997 so yes believe it or not we have been here for 22 years! I have met some fantastic friends along the way but it is time to hand it all over to someone with some fresh ideas. I am not looking for thousands but looking for a sensible offer which includes the domain, I will transfer the forum licence over and include a few themes that I bought along the way. I will keep our Facebook page alive so that we all have a place where we can meet. You can still find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.. Just received another invoice for a further six months hosting and don't really want to pay again (£70)... Please feel free to drop me a PM or reply here if you are interested.
  12. Good luck with this mate, let us know how you get on
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