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  1. It is terrible, we have sent several donations for the animals
  2. Hey listen my friend, please don't do this, I appreciate that everything seems to be against you right now but believe me life is too previous!! We are only on this planet for a very short time in reality. You are loved and you have friends who will continue to support you. I could go into a lot of detail but believe me when I see you are not alone in your despair. When I went through my divorce I was at my lowest but I concentrated on our kids and their wellbeing and focused on them instead of my own issues. I recently lost my nephew through suicide and to see it is has a massive impact on our family would be an understatement, this is the first Christmas without him. Everyday there will be a reason to end it all but everyday there is a bigger reason to stay alive! We are with you, stay strong and get through this tough time. You are a lot stronger than you give yourself credit for and this is the last thing your wife would want if she was still here and you know it! Tomorrow is just another day my friend and there will be better and brighter days ahead, trust me,
  3. Jamer

    We are back

    Yes it was our hosts with the problem, all good now
  4. Jamer

    Sorry guys

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear this news mate. I will keep my fingers crossed for you
  5. I have just paid another £60 for the next 6 months hosting. Thank you to the 3 members who kindly sent me donations, that is really appreciated.Gazza has kindly offered to give me free hosting, so I will have discussions with Gazza and move the site across probably sometime in the New Year.Please ALL continue using our forum here and lets see if we can increase the activity!Bookmark the back up website, so that if JamerPad ever goes offline at anytime, you will have a place to make contact, there is also our Facebook page. I will prevent allowing more posts on the other website within the next 24 hours Thanks Jamer Read more: http://jamerspad.freeforums.net/thread/23/original-pad-safe-6-months#ixzz61cM6Hgne
  6. Hi Gazza, that is so kind of you. I am going on holiday tomorrow for a week but will definitely have a look at this for sure. I have received a couple of kind donations today £20 so that will help. I will pay for another six months which will give me plenty of time to discuss a way forward with you. Thank you
  7. Hi guys,The new forum admin section is very limited, there are a few other free forums I can use, so I will continue to have a look around however, if you all want me to keep the existing forum going for now, I have an invoice to settle for £60. I will pay another £20 but I would need a few donations to make up the rest which is only £40, this is maybe our best option in the short term and this will keep JamersPad alive and kicking for another 6 months because that is the billing cycle.Please respond below and give me your feedback, after all, you are the members! If you would like to donate please send a donation to my Paypal Account HERE
  8. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    I agree, lets see if we can get it back to being busy again!
  9. Jamer

    New Website

    Well done guys, spread the word
  10. Jamer

    New Website

    I have set up a new free forum here guys - http://jamerspad.freeforums.net
  11. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    I have set up a free alternative forum here - http://jamerspad.freeforums.net Please all free free to register, it would help if you all keep you're existing usernames.
  12. Jamer

    JamersPad For Sale

    Yes, read all about it.
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