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Hotel Internet Speed

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If i remember future star networks is a R&D company that played a big roll in fibre optic networking


what I like about that speedtest is not so much the speed as the ping.

2ms ping at over 150 miles away (1ms to send and 1ms to get the reply)

This is the best anybody will ever get.


As for that speed you can not even save the data that fast to the hard drive (unless you have a top raid setup)

so it will slow it down by turning the ping up a bit on most laptops/desktops


I think the sweetspot in some years time will be

(250Mb/s or better Down / 100Mb/s or better Up @ a Ping of 6ms or lower)

looking at some of the speed tests we have that download already the ISPs just need to work

on the upload and ping. When we get to this type of speed Cloud computing will start to work.


That's a good speed for a Midlands Hotel Jamer may I ask what hotel it was.

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