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I personally welcome the possibility of passports if it means that things will be opened further.


Mind you I also have nothing against I.d cards being ex Armed Forces I am used to them and see no problem having to produce identification if ever required cos I have nothing to hide.

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I.D Cards are NOT about having nothing to hide it's about control at the moment you can walk down the street and not need the governments permission to do so.


When you have a I.D card it's permission to go out on the street and i bet like a driving licence the will be a points system "say the wrong thing to a snowflake get a point"

Then go to see that new movie sorry sir you have a point on your I.D so your not coming in.


Macs an I.D card is not what you think it is. when you joined the armed forces you agreed to a I.D card as part of the job when you get a driving licence you agree to any T&C same with bus pass and so on

But with a I.D card system the is no consent (So say I break the rules of the I.D system i did not consent too in the first place do i get any punishment under wich i have not consent too.


Look at most the of the countries that have some type of I.D system then look at how democracy works in them I think here in the U.K we are better than that.

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